Eurosphere agenda: “populism a ‘cancer’ spreading across Europe, says EPP leaders….

Leaders from the European Peoples Party (EPP) meeting in Madrid on Thursday (22 October) warned that populism was a “disease” spreading “like a cancer” in the EU.


Thousands of people spent the night stranded in the cold rain and thick mud at border crossings in Croatia and Serbia.

All change in Warsaw? The potential impact of the elections on Polish domestic and European policy

Bassma Kodmani is a Syrian academic and senior opposition figure. She is the executive director of the Arab Reform Initiative, a network of independent Arab research and policy institutes working to promote democracy in the Arab world.

‘Racism’ behind Sweden school killings

A sword-wielding attacker who killed a teacher and a pupil at a school in Sweden had “racist motives”, police believe.
Surveys show 48 percent of questioned think immigration is the most crucial issue ahead of Sunday’s parliamentary polls.

EU Council President Donald Tusk and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán indirectly rebuked German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday (22 October), calling arguments over how to accommodate refugees “naïve” as long as Europe fails to stop them.

In an interview with EurActiv at the September European Obesity Forum in Brussels, EPODE methodology founder Dr. Jean-Michel Borys stressed the importance of the implication of decision-makers at all levels in childhood obesity prevention.

Discussions between Greece and its creditors are tense, despite the major reforms accepted by the Greek parliament, the Vouli, on Monday (19 October)

VIDEO: Sleeping between Austria and Slovenia

Many people are having to spend the night at a border crossing between Slovenia and Austria.

Why Spain needs the sharing economy

The country that invented tapas understands the concept of sharing. But baking that idea into Spain’s regulatory policies is proving to be more difficult. Startups like Airbnb and Uber that are driving the global sharing economy are meeting stiff resistance from Spanish regulators bent on shutting these companies down and stifling the job creation powered by tech innovation. In August, Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau announced she wants to fine companies like Airbnb and, if apartment listings aren’t registered with the Catalan tourism register. And in what is surely a head-scratching move for many Barcelona businesses, the mayor has imposed a moratorium on new tourist…

An in-depth interview with MEP and Spain’s former Minister of Justice, Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar

“We are experiencing a very severe regression with regard to what the European Union promised it would be”. Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar discusses the failures of the European Union.

Juan Fernando López Aguilar. Alejandro Ramos / Canarias Ahora. All rights reserved.

In the busy July to September tourism period, when many Spanish companies take on new staff, the unemployment rate slid to 21.2% from 22.4% in the second quarter, the National Statistics Institute said.

Hungary closes border to refugees as Turkey questions EU deal to stem crisis

Police use barbed wire to seal the border with Croatia as the Turkish president ridicules the offer of aid in exchange for help controlling the passage of migrants

The inter-capitalist nature of Europe’s crisis

Focusing on neoliberalism as the root cause of the European crisis ignores the inter-capitalist and class struggles playing out in Europe today. A reply toProtesilaos Stavrou.

A session at the EU parliament in Strasbourg. Demotix/serge mouraret. All rights reserved.In a recent article of mine (“The failure of mainstream federalism”) I challenged what I described as the ‘mainstream’ approach to the issue of European federalism: an approach that appears seemingly content with calling out for the same list of reforms that federalists have been proposing for, well, the past seventy years – a federal budget, a central fiscal authority with real spending power, a democratic European government, etc. – irrespective of the fact that the current European trend is evidently moving in the exact opposite direction.

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