SPECIAL REPORT: Which EU countries teach coding in the classroom and why? Computing Our Future, a European Schoolnet report, investigated the timetables to find out. 12 countries gave full responses to the survey, the findings of which are summarised in this infographic.

Tying in with the new coding and computing content initiative announced by the BBC last month, the British broadcaster has announced a new Doctor Who-themed game designed to teach the basics of programming to kids. Available online in the UK from Wednesday 22 October, ‘The Doctor and the Dalek’ game is aimed at CBBC-age viewers, and is voiced by the good Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi. Players guide The Doctor on a perilous pursuit through space, as he teams up with a Dalek he rescued to save all of creation. Though the game is aimed at kids, the adventure also delves into the Sontar homeworld and the

The European Union can slash natural gas imports from countries such as Russia by half and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 49% if it ramps up energy and efficiency improvements, a new report has argued.

At the end of their two-week synod in the Vatican, the Catholic bishops were unable to agree on a reform course regarding homosexuals and divorcees. The corresponding sections of the final document published on Saturday failed to achieve the necessary majority. The Church shouldn’t be surprised to see more of its members turn their backs on it, some commentators criticise. Others praise Pope Francis for forcing the bishops towards greater openness.

MAIN FOCUS: Scandal match between Serbia and Albania | 16/10/2014

The Euro 2016 qualifying match between Serbia and Albania on Tuesday evening in Belgrade was interrupted after heavy rioting broke out among the players and spectators when a drone carrying the flag of Greater Albania flew over the pitch. Hatred and distrust still dominate in the former Yugoslavia, commentators write, and blame Europe’s football association Uefa for ignoring the potential for tensions.

The European Union’s budget rules faced their biggest test in over a decade on Wednesday, after France presented a draft 2015 budget breaking past commitments to rein its deficit back to within EU limits.


The European Parliament has set the hearings of Slovenia’s commissioner-designate Violeta Bulc, and, Slovakia’s Maroš Šefčovič, for Monday (20 October), opening the way, if everything goes well, for a vote on the entire team of President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker, on 22 October.

After blocking Eurosceptic EFDD’s attempts to gain the presidency of any European Parliamentary Commissions in July, pro-European groups have once again joined forces to sideline Nigel Farage‘s group in the Parliamentary Delegation elections.

Seven reasons we love Slovenia’s new Commissioner nominee Violeta Bulc

The first (and only) causality of the European Parliament hearings for Jean-Claude Juncker’s new Commission so far, is Slovenia’s Alenka Bratusek, who withdrew her candidacy for the post of Vice-President for Energy Union after a being effectively vetoed by MEPs.

Europe’s Broadband Battle

In the debate about who should pay to provide high-speed broadband Internet access to all 500 million EU residents, Internet giants like Google and Facebook are often accused of failing to contribute their fair share. Is this criticism warranted?

Serbia – fourteen years after the overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic



Latin American lessons for Europe’s sharing economy

The lesson for European regulators is that Latin American officials have for the most part tried to stop the informal sharing economy without success.

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