Eurosphere agenda: “EU delays sanctions against Russia…Scottish referendum …”EU rejects Google’s antitrust deal again


The Scottish leaders of the three main pro-Union parties back more powers for Scotland on the day another poll suggests little between the two sides.

Scotland Rugby (02)In February 2005, three months before the French referendum on the constitutional treaty, I went to some of the first public information meetings on the stakes of the vote to come. One was organised by a local pro-European association, one by a local Member of the French parliament. At that time, the polls predicted a boring campaign with a positive vote by a bored electorate.

Independence referendum: rolling blog

As the independence referendum in Scotland reaches its climax, we’ll bring you news and anaysis from the ground. Enjoy.

As the independence referendum in Scotland reaches its climax, we’ll bring you news and anaysis from the ground. Enjoy

With just eleven days to go before the referendum on Scotland’s independence, 51 percent of Scots have voiced their support for it in the latest poll. The British government has said it will transfer more powers to Edinburgh if it stays in the UK. Commentators fear a victory for the nationalists would have disastrous consequences and hope the compromise will turn the mood in the last minute


The Special Olympics are not just about sport, but also about overturning stigma and prejudice, says Mary Davis.

The EU states have agreed on new sanctions against Russia in the Ukraine crisis. But rather than implementing them straight away they will wait to see whether the ceasefire is observed, Council President Herman Van Rompuy announced on Monday in Brussels. Commentators hail the consensus among the EU states, but also stress the need for continued cooperation with Russia.


The EU last night finally reached an agreement on the latest round of sanctions on Russia, although the members agreed to delay implementation for a “few days” to allow time for the ceasefire to take hold and to reconsider the sanctions on the basis of whether the ceasefire holds or not.
Rejecting the third version of US group’s draft settlement marks a change of direction that throws open the fate of a contentious four-year probe

A panel appointed by search engine Google will hold the first of a series of meetings on Tuesday to debate the balance between privacy and the free flow of information, following a May court ruling that reinforced Europeans’ “right to be forgotten

Aymeric Chauprade, a French Member of the European Parliament, has written a blog post calling for the “elimination” of French jihadists who join the fighting in Syria and Iraq, shaking the high the ranks of his own party, the National Front (NF).



Far-right at ‘gates of power’ in France, says PM Valls


The far-right National Front is at the “gates of power” in France, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Sunday in a stark assessment of the crisis embroiling the country’s centre-left government.

Spain’s Alternative Political Party Podemos Is Growing in ‘Circles’

Global Voices Online by Tom Walker


The European Court Confirms : The CIA’s ‘Black Sites’ Operated in Poland

Global Voices Online by Anna Chworow

The secret is officially out: CIA’s black sites operated in Poland. Earlier this summer, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) issued a ruling confirming the existence of such prisons on Polish territory. While international human rights organizations have praised the ruling, some Polish officials and journalists are calling it unfair towards Poland. Others say the formal revelation might be an opportunity for Poland to resolve some of its current governance issues.


European Commission: The runners and riders – World, Europe

The Juncker regime will mark an overhaul of the EU executive with the creation of a raft of more powerful vice-presidential positions

VIDEO: Ukraine on the brink: Special programme

BBC News | Europe | World Edition

Watch a BBC News special programme as President Putin says he hopes for a peace agreement by Friday


Belgium defies Juncker with Commissioner nomination

Belgium will defy Jean-Claude Juncker tomorrow (4 September) by nominating outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Didier Reynders as its next Commissioner, despite the European Commission President-elect’s wishes for a female candidate.

Renzi’s Choice, Europe’s Loss

Project Syndicate by Paola Subacchi

The appointment of Federica Mogherini, Italy’s foreign minister, as the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy has exposed two fictions. One is that EU member states care about a common foreign policy; the other is that Italy has a strong and credible government.
Russian embargo hits European farmers
An extraordinary meeting of the European Agriculture Council is currently underway, reviewing the consequences of the Russian embargo, amid calls for support from Europe’s farmers
MAIN FOCUS: Draghi unexpectedly cuts interest rates | 05/09/2014

The ECB cut its benchmark interest rate on Thursday to a new record low of 0.05 percent and approved an asset purchase programme worth billions. ECB President Mario Draghi explained the measures pointing to the low levels of growth and inflation in the Eurozone. Cheap money will help the crisis-hit countries, some commentators write approvingly. Others fear that the decision will result in a gigantic mountain of debt

Scottish independence, UK dependency

open Democracy News Analysis – by James Meadway

The fall in the price of the pound indicates quite how much Scotland props up the UK economy.

Something has rattled the City of London this week. With opinion polls showing support for Scottish independence closing in fast on the opposition, the pound “tumbled”, relative to the dollar, on Tuesday.

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