Eurosphere agenda: Scotland says No.

Scotland votes ‘No’ to independence  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Alex Salmond calls for the pledge of more devolved powers to be carried out and David Cameron says the commitments will be honoured in full, as Scotland votes to stay in the UK. Scottish referendum explained for non-Brits – video – Alex Purcell … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Voting begins in Scottish referendum

I hope Scotland leaves, and I hope England follows them open Democracy News Analysis – by Oliver Huitson Britain is a dying project. A Yes would not only be good for Scotland but good for England; a major blow for popular sovereignty against unresponsive, undemocratic and incompetent rule.   Vote Yes for the NHS – independence is … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Referendum in Scotland, Change of government in Sweden, Germany anti-euro party makes strides…

‘No’ Votes Gain Ground in Scotland’s Referendum: Latest Poll  Mashable! by Brian Ries A new poll on Scotland’s referendum shows “No” voters — that is, Scottish voters againstindependence — have retaken the lead with less than one week to go. Thousands on streets for campaigns  BBC News | Europe | MAIN FOCUS: Change of government in Sweden | … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “EU delays sanctions against Russia…Scottish referendum …”EU rejects Google’s antitrust deal again

  Parties back more Scotland powers  BBC News | Europe | The Scottish leaders of the three main pro-Union parties back more powers for Scotland on the day another poll suggests little between the two sides. Scottish referendum – A humble opinion from France Ideas on Europe In February 2005, three months before the French referendum on … Read more

“Clashes in Kiev after protest ban… Eurosphere agenda…

  Clashes in Kiev after protest ban Violence breaks out as tens of thousands of people gather in the Ukrainian capital Kiev in defiance of new curbs on protests. Füle calls new Ukrainian laws ?shocking?, ?disrespectful to democracy?   Enlargement and Neighbourhood Commissioner ?tefan Füle said he was ?shocked? and ?deeply disappointed? by new legislation which the … Read more