Eurosphere agenda: “Euro slides to a nine-year low…”In Europe, Pirates and The Copyright Law

Northern Ireland’s incomplete peace: young feminists speak out


Organising around a belief in feminism’s ability to articulate and represent visions of peace and politics, a new generation of feminists is emerging to challenge the traditional rigidity of Northern Irish politics.


Pipes for South Stream keep arriving in Bulgaria


A ship flying the Bahamas flag, loaded with pipes for the South Stream gas pipeline, was stuck on Saturday (3 January) in shallow water, maneuvering in the Bulgarian port of Burgas, reports Dnevnik, the EurActiv partner in Bulgaria.



In Europe, Pirates Are Writing The Copyright Law


europe-flagFor years – nay, for decades – net activists and freedom-of-speech activists have been fighting against the copyright industry’s corrupt initiatives. In country after country, the copyright industry was practically calling out for mail-order legislation, and receiving it every time.


Euro slides to a nine-year low


The euro hits a nine-year low against the dollar as investors predict the European Central Bank could take action to stimulate the region’s economy.


Turmoil in Eurosceptic AfD party could help Merkel


A battle for control of the German Eurosceptic upstart Alternative for Germany (AfD) exposed deep ideological rifts at the weekend within a party that has been stealing votes from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives.


The German government wants Greece to stay in the eurozone and there are no contingency plans to the contrary, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said on Sunday (4 January), responding to a media report that Berlin believes the currency union could cope without Greece.


Roma baby burial sparks France probe

A Roma baby is to be buried in France later, as an inquiry is launched into the reported refusal by a mayor to grant her a grave.
VIDEO: Short-let apartments spark Paris row

Authorities in Paris are so worried about the drain on residential property that they have taken drastic measures to bring holiday lets under control.


Cameron wants to move forward Brexit referendum


Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday (4 January) he would like to bring forward a planned referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union from 2017 if possible.


The high price of democracy in Ukraine


Logo_of_the_Verkhovna_Rada_of_Ukraine.pngUkraine is almost bankrupt. The budget for 2015 is unrealistic. Root and branch reform has stalled. There is a war still going in the east of the country. Where now?

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