It is a shame: Unjustly imprisoned Kavala now portrayed as ‘villain’ in a TRT show

Turkey’s public broadcaster sparks controversy with new series portraying Kavala as ‘villain’   Turkey’s state-owned broadcaster has sparked controversy with its new series centered around Osman Kavala, a prominent businessperson and human rights advocate who has been imprisoned for nearly six years. Osman Kavala is a Turkish human rights defender and philanthropist who has been … Read more

#EuroSphere- “Swimming lessons obligatory for Muslim girls..; “EU to debate legal status of robots…

Debate: Swimming lessons obligatory for Muslim girls euro|topics   The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that Muslim girls must take part in mixed school swimming lessons before they reach puberty. With this ruling the court rejected a complaint brought by Muslim parents living in Switzerland. Commentators welcome the decision but warn that its … Read more

Document: UN Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression to his visit to Turkey, 14-18 November 2016…

Preliminary conclusions and observations by the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression to his visit to Turkey, 14-18 November 2016   ANKARA (18 November 2016) – At the invitation of the Government, I spent this week in Turkey to examine the protection and promotion of the freedom of … Read more

Turkish politics gets nasty again: PM Davutoğlu “unfollows” Kılıçdaroğlu, main opposition leader, in Twitter…

During the day, Kılıçdaroğlu harshly criticized AKP  leadership on corruption, the latter took it too personal, started a Twitter hashtag campaign (with the help of bots again, it seems) and in the mean time, Davutoğlu was so angry that he unfollowed Kılıçdaroğlu… News in Turkish here In other news:  Prisons in Turkey run over capacity as prisoner … Read more

Dirty deal on refugees between Turkey and EU starts. Greece starts deporting refugees…

The Guardian view on the EU refugee deal: Greece has Europe’s reputation in its hands | Editorial  World news: Turkey | Deporting migrants could be a human rights catastrophe. Officials must tread with the greatest careThe crunch has arrived. After a vote by Greek MPs, Monday sees the start of the implementation of last month’s … Read more

From Twitter Transparency Report to ECHR records, Turkey tops rights violation… ECHR fines Turkey for dismissing cases filed by 1999 quake victims The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has fined Turkey for dismissing lawsuits filed by victims of a 1999 earthquake against contractors of buildings that collapsed in the quake that killed tens of thousands of people in northwestern Turkey GİYAV: 6,417 Children Exposed to Right … Read more

Journalism agenda: #HaberNöbeti- In solidarity with journalists under threat “8 Journalists Head for Diyarbakır Wednesday for News Watch…

8 Journalists Head for Diyarbakır Wednesday for News Watch  Bianet :: English News Watch organized by journalists to act in solidarity with their colleagues working in cities under curfew begins tomorrow. OSCE slams severe charges against prominent journalists The severe charges against journalists Can Dündar and Erdem Gül could further increase the already critical pressure that opposing … Read more

Former ECHR judge says “Long-term military curfews a human rights violation”

Syrian children employed to produce fake life jackets in İzmir factory Turkish police have seized over 1,200 unsafe life jackets destined for use by migrants trying to reach Greece by sea, in a raid on an underground workshop that used Syrian underage labor Turkey: Defective Life Jackets Seized at Workshop NYT > Turkey by By THE ASSOCIATED … Read more

HDP plans to hold ‘autonomy’ rallies… while Erdoğan plans to tour for Presidential system…

 Turkey’s HDP plans to hold ‘autonomy’ rallies amid tension with gov’t over self-rule policy   The Kurdish problem-focused Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) is planning to hold rallies in favor of “autonomy” and “self-rule” before the end of January, at a time when one of its co-chairs is being investigated over his call for greater Kurdish self-governance … Read more

After all anti-zionist hubbub, AKP is back to rapprochement with Israel…

Turkish official confirms talks, understanding with Israel Israel and Turkey have reached a preliminary agreement to normalize relations, including the return of ambassadors to both countries, Reuters quoted an Israeli official as saying on Dec 17 ‘Defaming Erdogan’: Criminal complaint filed against Putin in Turkey RT Furthermore, Mahir Akkar, a suspect in the Ergenekon ‘coup plot’ … Read more

For the record, The European Court of Human Rights ruled: “Turkey YouTube ban violated freedom of expression

Turkey YouTube ban violated freedom of expression: European Court of Human Rights The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Dec. 1 that Turkey had violated conventions on freedom of expression when it banned YouTube for more than two years Demirtaş Responds to Davutoğlu: Did You Investigate Crime Scene?  Bianet :: English Recrimination continues between HDP Co-Chair … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: European Commission Turkey Progress Report- “Key findings of the 2015 report on Turkey

Full document here European Commission – Fact Sheet Key findings of the 2015 report on Turkey Brussels, 10 November 2015 2015 enlargement package The report on Turkey is part of the 2015 enlargement package adopted today by the European Commission. The Report highlights that the EU and Turkey continued to enhance cooperation in the areas … Read more

As Turkey continues to arrest Kurdish politicians, new Freedom of Expression Violation Verdicts by ECHR…

Two Freedom of Expression Violation Verdicts by ECHR  Bianet :: English The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that charges pressed against Günlük Evrensel newspaper writers Ahmet Sami Belek and Savaş Velioğlu, and Müdür Duman from HADEP are violation of freedom of expression and condemned Turkey to indemnity. ECHR fines Turkey over conviction of journalists … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: US State Department Country Report on Terrorism 2014 – Turkey

Country Report on Terrorism 2014 – Turkey June, 2015 Overview: Largely because of the ongoing conflict in Syria, Turkey has voiced increasing concern about terrorist groups near its border, including Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), al-Nusrah Front, and other al-Qa’ida (AQ)-affiliated groups. Throughout 2014, Turkey served as a source and transit country for … Read more

The Turkish army is back. “236 acquitted in Balyoz coup case

236 acquitted in Balyoz coup case   All 236 suspects in the ‘Balyoz’ coup plot case were acquitted March 31 after the case’s prosecutor argued that digital data submitted as evidence was ‘fake’ Turkish army denounces ‘illegal copying’ of state secrets The Turkish General Staff has filed a criminal complaint over the permitting of top secret information … Read more