Cultural Anthropology Special Focus on #OccupyGezi, also shows media related limitations of Turkish anthropologists…

Cultural Anthropology

Just heard that the latest issue of Cultural Anthropology has a special focus: Gezi Protests. That will definitely be a good scholarly and ethnographic source on the subject. But check out the contents below. Not one specific article you will find on new media usage, which was obviously an essential part of Protests. Unfortunately, (mass) media still not seen as a direct object of research in our otherwise well educated circle of anthropologists.  After some special and cordial requests, I have started to work on an ethnographic account of new media usage and citizen journalism networks during Gezi Protests. Hopefully I will submit my article on January, 2014 and will be available by May 2014 at latest…

Here is the material:

Posts in This Series

Editorial?An Uprising on the Verge of Comparison

by Umut Yıldırım

Editorial?Breaking Memory, Spoiling Memorization: The Taksim Protests in Istanbul

by Yael Navaro-Yashin

Masculinized Power, Queered Resistance

by Salih Can Açıksöz and Zeynep Korkman

The What of Occupation: ?You Took Our Cemetery, You Won?t Have Our Park!?

by Alice von Bieberstein and Nora Tataryan

The Politics of Visibility

by Zeynep Gambetti

On the Fantasy of Dispossession

by Eirini Avramopoulou

On the Joy and Melancholy of Politics

by Erdem Evren

The Politics of Humor and Humor as Politics during Turkey?s Gezi Park Protests

by Seçil Dağtas

A Look at Gezi Park from Turkey?s Kurdistan

by Fırat Bozcalı and Çağrı Yoltar

Kissing the Mahrem in Ankara

by Sertaç Sehlikoğlu

Improbable Encounters: Marching for Lice in Kadıköy

by Marlene Schafers and Çiçek Ilengiz

Protest and the Limits of the Body

by Ayse Parla

Suspending the Limits of the Sayable . . .

by Banu Karaca

What is Queer about Gezi?

by Aslı Zengin

Nefes: Notes on Breath

by Umut Yıldırım

Shadows of the 1980 Coup and the Syrian War: Resisting in Antakya

by Yael Navaro-Yashin

The Soil Does Not Have History

by Aleksandar Sopov

?Ghosts? of a Situationist Protest, Deadly Edges of Kemalism

by Halide Velioğlu

Gezi Protest Visuals

by Emrah Gökdemir


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