A little good news for Istanbul: “Municipality rejects permit for construction in Istanbul forest

A local municipality has refused to grant permission for a construction project in Fatih Forest
A police school in Istanbul’s upmarket neighborhood of Etiler was closed by a Cabinet decision in a move that gives the go-ahead for the construction of a huge residential complex that includes a shopping mall
A public bus with a green roof garden has hit the road as part of a new effort to raise environmental awareness

Gümüşdere, photo by Jennifer Hattam

“We grow everything here – kale, dill, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, arugula, eggplant, lettuce, cauliflower… everything,” the elderly woman says proudly, waving her hand in the direction of her small field as she digs her worn plastic sandals into the dirt. While she grows the vegetables and herbs, her 80-year-old husband tends his pomegranate trees and takes their products from this patch of farmland at the far northern end of Istanbul’s Sarıyer district to sell at local markets around the city.

Istanbul, where minarets share space with commercial signs

Having spent a short eid vacation in Istanbul, I had the opportunity to walk around the Sultan Ahmet and Eminönü areas. The main streets near the Sultan Ahmet mosque and Topkapi were full to overflowing with tourists from just about everywhere

Istanbul recreated in the memory of an English artist

Hurriyet Daily News

Wiltshire said he had never visited Istanbul before his helicopter tour. “What attracted me most is the mosques and the historical peninsula. I will enjoy

Sound memorial of Istanbul demonstrations

Deutsche Welle

Sound memorial of Istanbul demonstrations. At the Beethoven festival in Bonn,Turkish composer Tolga Yayalar presented “Tableaux vivant of a

Istanbul’s 2nd intl. art fair underway

Press TV

The art season started in Istanbul this weekend, with the opening of the … ArtInternational is Istanbul’s newest art fair, and brings together nearly 80

Istanbul gets a new art and culture venue

Hurriyet Daily News

Summart, which opened on Sept. 30 as an independent and non-profit foundation in the Seyrantepe neighborhood of the city, is a new platform for


Public bus with green roof takes to Istanbul’s streets

Hurriyet Daily News

A public bus with a green roof garden has hit the road in Istanbul as part of a new effort by Istanbul Electrics, Trams and Tunnel Management (İETT) to


Map of buildings selected for Istanbul Design Biennial 2014

Waag Society

The above map of buildings by Bert Spaan, a developer at Waag Society, has been selected for the 2ndIstanbul Design Biennial by design and


Father and son: honorary ambassadors for İstanbul

Today’s Zaman

In any case, before getting too distracted, let us turn our attention to the real subject at hand here: a true wellspring of İstanbul knowledge and


Going local: İstanbul’s grassroots movements fill political void

Today’s Zaman

The act of occupying — challenging the proprietorship of a space to gain attention or to redefine a space — remains alive and well in İstanbul with the


Syrian Christians take shelter in Istanbul church

Hurriyet Daily News

A group of Syrian Christian refugees has taken shelter in an Istanbul church, returning to Turkey almost 100 years after their ancestors were forced


Insider Istanbul: Where to Eat, Sleep, and Explore

Condé Nast Traveler

It’s the city that redefined decadence: by fusing Eastern and Western influences over hundreds of years, Istanbul has grown into a city full of magical


Discover the festive spirit in Istanbul

Easier (press release)

The luxurious Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah is inviting guests to experience the festive spirit in Istanbul, with an exclusive few days of treats and


İstanbul and Berlin: musical tales of two cities

Today’s Zaman

The ensemble Konjo, featuring Sumru Ağıryürüyen (R) as its vocalist, performs during the “New Sounds of İstanbul and Berlin” concert on Oct. 3 in .

Story of a unique catalogue at İstanbul Archaeological Museum

Today’s Zaman

İstanbul is currently hosting a one-of-a-kind exhibition about the documentation of archaeological works in the İstanbul Archaeological Museum,

On World Animal Day, Turkey marks the Feast of Sacrifice with scenes of celebration and protests

The Turkish lobby: telling the story of modern Istanbul through the Pera Palace Hotel

The National

Istanbul’s Pera Palace Hotel was a good vantage point to view the end of an empire and the beginnings of a nation-state. Founded in the late 19th

Archiving İstanbul in images

Today’s Zaman

Mehmet Ekrem, becoming aware of the general lack of stock photography in İstanbul, has opened up a photography archive called “stockistanbul,”

Organizing art workshops for disabled people inIstanbul, Turkey


This project is running since 2008 in support of a Center for socially disadvantaged individuals & people with disabilities in Istanbul. The volunteers

A trip to İstanbul for kids

Today’s Zaman

“This is the exact time for traipsing around İstanbul and its surroundings… This is the holiday season. But how many people manage to conduct this .

Activists gather 80000 signatures to prevent construction in Istanbul grove

Hurriyet Daily News

Activists have gathered 80,000 signatures to prevent the opening of the Validebağ grove to construction by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, in a

A passenger was injured by an iron bar thrust into his body on an Istanbul subway train on Sept. 29.

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