#StreetArt in İstanbul… Istanbul news roundup…

 Kadıköy, Yeldeğirmeni

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Lots of stuff in this piece in Turkish. 


A Nomadic Museum Takes Up Temporary Residence in Istanbul

Following projects in Dubai and London, the newly founded Moving Museum sets up shop in the ancient Turkish city with a series of artist residencies.

Erdogan’s Grand Construction Projects Are Tearing Istanbul Apart

Newsweek – Alexander Christie-Miller – Aug 8 – Late one night in the maze of wooden houses beneath Istanbul’s ancient city walls, an old man rose from his bed, scrawled a suicide note, and gulped down a bottle of pesticide. For months Ismet Hezer had watched his neighbours in the close-knit…
Rare tornado causes panic in Istanbul


A tornado along with torrential rain has caused flash flooding in Istanbul earlySaturday, prompting road closures and disrupting life across parts of th
48 hours in Istanbul, Turkey


A city known for its mix of cultures, rich history and exotic wares, Istanbul is fast becoming a magnet for travellers who crave both bustling ancient .

Twister sweeps through Istanbul

Washington Post

August 2, 2014 2:21 PM EDT — Dramatic video shows the roof of a building being severely damaged and debris rising into the air when a waterspou
İstiklal Avenue flooded as heavy rains hit Istanbul

Hurriyet Daily News

Torrential rains hit Turkey’s biggest city Istanbul on Aug. 2, disrupting daily life and causing floods across the city, including the iconic İstiklal Avenue.
Turkey: Event planner’s guide to… Istanbul

CIT Magazine

Turkish Airlines flies to 197 international destinations in 104 countries – more destinations than any other airline in the world. Istanbul has two airports

Recycling technology in Istanbul feeds stray dogs and cats

Hydrogen Fuel News

The recycling technology, created by Pugedon, has been designed to distribute a small portion of dry kibble and drinking water for one of the city’s
Historic İstanbul palace to host contemporary art show

Today’s Zaman

İstanbul will host a brand new contemporary art event this autumn, the First Üsküdar Art Biennale, a seven-day international exhibition to run from Sept ..
Yeni Istanbul

emerge – online magazine for young German photojournalism ⋅ kmrtns

Prosperity and security are the promotionally effective labels of the new Istanbul. It is obvious how the governing party sedulously exploits the city’s

Istanbul Development Agency


Istanbul Development Agency is a Government Agency with objectives which can be listed as; improvement of the cooperation among public sector,

Lufthansa ‘excited’ for 3rd Istanbul airport

Hurriyet Daily News

Lufthansa Airlines are excited by the possibility using Istanbul’s third airport once constructed, a regional Lufthansa director in charge of Turkish

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