Killing #Soma miners again: “Theology professor says Soma mining accident was a better way to die…

Theology professor says Soma mining accident was a better way to die A theology professor has made controversial remarks over the victims who died in the country’s worst ever mine disaster in the Soma district in the Aegean province of Manisa, saying their deaths while trying to make an honest living were better than dying while … Read more

Some trial begins and as expected not much progress… #SomaDavası

Turkey opens trial into worst mining disaster Dozens of suspects went on trial April 13 over modern Turkey’s worst mining disaster that left 301 miners dead last year in the western town of Soma and tarnished the image of the government. tuğba tekerek ‏@tugbatekerek soma’daki maden katliamından daha önce hiç yayımlanmamış görüntülerle @RenginArslan ın haberi …:

EFD Rights Watch: Majority of educated women victim of violence in Turkey…Hrant Dink murder case deepens…

Majority of educated women victim of violence in Turkey, survey reveals A large majority of Turkish women who work in white-collar jobs and have a university degrees say they have been exposed to violence at least once in their life Hrant Dink murder case deepens with new testimonies The list of suspects in the murder case of … Read more

Turkey: A country of moral hypocrisy.

Pew Research has just presented a Report on Global Views on Morality. Turks are at the top among 40 countries in many categories which is summarized above. Despite this “concern on morals”, Turkey is a country where at least 301 miners – we may never know the exact number- were killed recently in one of many … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: A 34-year-old woman killed by soldiers at Turkish-Syrian border due to ?misunderstanding,?

Woman killed by soldiers on Turkish-Syrian border due to ?misunderstanding,? official says A 34-year-old woman was killed as she was trying to cross into Turkey on May 19 with her two children and her father   ********** Prosecutors charge 35 for leftist protester?s killing, demand long prison sentences The case drew vast public attention after the … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Police Brutality right in Fatih, Istanbul

via CNNTürk *************** Turkish labor minister passes the buck to energy minister over Soma disaster Labor Minister Faruk Çelik pointed the finger at Energy Minister Taner Yıldız regarding criticisms over the Soma disaster US rejects ?apparent use of unprovoked violence? in Soma videos   Washington has condemned the use of ‘unprovoked violence’ against protests during a … Read more

Cengiz Aktar: Kömür öldürür, süründürür

Kömür öldürür, süründürür     Yarın cennet vatan TMMOB Maden Mühendisleri Odasının düzenlediği, üç gün sürecek Türkiye 19. Kömür Kongresi?ni idrak edecek. Websitesinde  şu bilgi var: ?Türkiye Kömür Kongresi 1978 yılından beri iki yılda bir yapılmaktadır. Ulusal bir toplantı olarak başlayan bu kongre, kömür madenciliğinin hemen hemen her yönü ile ilgilenen ve dünyanın her yerinden madencilerin katıldığı … Read more

update: 3 reported to be arrested- 25 company officials detained as part of #Soma investigation as the city under lockdown…

19 detained as part of probe into Soma mine accident: Governor Nineteen people were detained May 18 as part of the investigation into the Soma coal mine accident, the Manisa Governor has said in a statement. Meanwhile, the entrance of the mine has been closed with a brick wall in a move that raised eyebrows Soma under … Read more

Clarification on Der Spiegel’s headline: “You go to Hell, Erdoğan

As the author Hasnain Kazim of Spiegel explained: “FIRST the article was published quoting the worker with that headline. THEN some people started the hashtag #ScherDichZumTeufelDerSpiegel on Twitter, against Der Spiegel and against [the author]. AND THEN [Mr. Kazim] wrote this article on this Twitter-campaign:…/soma-tuerkei-erdogan-anhaenger… I apologize for misrepresenting the case.   Here is the Spiegel link. … Read more

Foreign journalists targeted so that like #Soma, locking-down of all Turkey cannot be heard

Plainclothed Turkish cops detained CNN cameraman Joe Duran briefly during crackdown on Istanbul's Istiklal, twisted,hurt his arm & shoulder — Ivan Watson (@IvanCNN) May 17, 2014 According to IMC TV’s reporters’ data from the municipalities, 321 already buried. BUT Turkish government’s official death toll is 301 and rescue search is officially completed today… EXPLAINED: The Soma mine … Read more

State of Law in Turkey: Erdoğan’s cops attack and arrest Lawyers in #Soma

      Efkan Bolaç, another lawyer.     SOMA MINE DISASTER TIMELINE: Police Detains 34 Demonstrators in Soma An explosion left at least 301 workers in a coal mine in Soma, in the western province of Manisa. While dozens are allegedly still trapped in the mine, Energy Minister Yıldız said their hopes are dimming. Last … Read more

How come Minister of Energy will investigate the explosion wearing the corporate shirt?

  Images of Turkish Official Kicking Protester Fuel Anger Online  NYT > Turkey by By ROBERT MACKEY The behavior of senior officials in Turkey remained under the social media microscope on Thursday, as an aide to the prime minister acknowledged that he did kick a protester the day before. SOMA MINE DISASTER TIMELINE: President Gül Visits Soma An … Read more

PM Erdoğan himself says 232 dead as of 14:30 in #Soma Mining Explosion #KazaDegilCinayet Rihanna'nın "Soma" kapak fotoğrafı: — Kutsal Bayraktar (@mortifera) May 14, 2014 VİDEO: Soma'nın çığlığı… "Bana Mesut'tan haber verin…" @renginarslan 'ın görüntüleri — BBC News Türkçe (@bbcturkce) May 14, 2014 Yasımız,derin üzüntümüz,emeğe saygımız ve göstermek istediğimiz dayanışma sebebiyle MayFest 2014 iptal edilmiştir. — İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi (@BiLGiOfficial) May 14, … Read more

3 days of official mourning announced as a 15-year-old confirmed dead in #Soma mining disaster

15-year-old confirmed dead in mining disaster One of 201 miners who have lost their lives in the Soma mining disaster was only 15 years old Mine operator shuts down website amid reactions The operator of the mine where more than 200 workers died after an accident on May 13 shut down its website on May 14 amid … Read more

00:40 Manisa Mayor says 157 dead in #Soma explosion while the Minister of Energy refuses to give an official death toll. #kazadegilcinayet

No one knows how many miners are inside… Deadly Turkey blast ‘traps hundreds’ Several miners are reported to have been killed and up to 300 are believed trapped underground after an explosion at a coal mine in Turkey. Şamil Tayyar maden kazalarıyla ilgili verilen Soma önergesi hakkında bakın ne demiş… — Foti Benlisoy (@fotibenlisoy) … Read more