The 2nd day at main opposition’s “justice march” #AdaletİçinYürüyüş

Main opposition CHP leader rejects criticisms on second day of ‘justice march’ Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli will need justice as well, the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has said in response to Bahçeli’s criticism of the former’s march to Istanbul in protest of a CHP lawmaker’s arrest. The first ever … Read more

Ayşe Özer: Şampanya, ekmek ve güller.. CHP Gençlik Kolları Kurultayının ardından…

Şampanya, ekmek ve güller.. CHP Gençlik Kolları Kurultayının ardından… Bir göğüs hastalıkları uzmanı, solunum testi yapmak için şöyle bir öneride bulundu: doğum günü pastanızın üzerindeki 30 mumu bir nefeste söndürebiliyorsanız, akciğerlerinizde bir sorun yok demektir. Ciğerlerini havayla doldurup bir nefeste söndürebilir mi insan gençliğini? Pastanın üzerindeki mumlar çoğaldıkça hele de 30’u aşmaya yeltendikçe başlar o … Read more

Ayşe Özer: “Maymuncuk liste” [CHP Kurultay Yazısı]

Maymuncuk liste Kovboy filmlerindeki arkası boş dekorlara benzeyen bir platoda, herkes şovunu yapıyor sanki. Ezberler yerinde, ezber bozana da izin yok. Heyecan da yok, ruh da. Konuşma Türkçesinden haberdar değil kimseler, -cağızlar ve -ceğizler havada uçuşuyor, gelecek zaman kipinde beden dilini çok iyi kullanan hamasi nutuklar atılıyor kürsülerden. Bangır bangır çalan müzikle hem oyuncuların samimiyetsizlikleri, … Read more

While main opposition party CHP has a first, Primaries; Erdoğan declares “Turkey’s parliamentary system in the waiting room…

Turkey’s parliamentary system in the waiting room, says President Erdoğan Turkey’s existing parliamentary system has been in the waiting room to be replaced by the presidential system since the last year’s presidential election, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, reiterating his demand for ‘400 lawmakers’ in the June 7 general election to make this change possible. … Read more

No water for 4 days. Kadıköy, İstanbul seems to be punished by İSKİ… İstanbul news roundup

Kadıköy is one of the busy, secular and settled district in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It is governed by CHP, main opposition party, but water supply is provided by İSKİ, of Istanbul Municipality of AKP, governing party. 4 days is a bit long time and probably intentional… A Kadıköy resident, Cem Hakverdi @cmhkvrd_ published some photos:  kadıköy’de 4 gündür su yok. … Read more

Babacan now chastised by Ağaoğlu…. US Department of State gives support to Çarşı fan group…

Business tycoon Ağaoğlu slams Turkish deputy PM’s vow to shift focus from construction Ali Ağaoğlu, a construction mogul known for his close ties with the government, has denounced Ali Babacan’s pledge to shift the focus to developing industry, rather than construction ‘You Will Do Anything for Ratings’: More Outrage over the Wife Killer ‘Star’ of Turkish Daytime … Read more

Deputy PM warns AKP’s Twitter trolls; CHP dissidents alert; Nothing much heard about MHP

  Deputy PM warns AKP rookies to ‘calm down’ Turkish deputy Prime Minister Arınç urges younger members of the ruling party AKP to ‘calm down’ after a row within the party over who will lead it after Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s term Davutoğlu aide appointed as PM’s chief advisor An adviser to FM Davutoğlu has been appointed as … Read more

Erdoğan, cleared to be a prime minister while running for presidency [and already being de facto mayor of Istanbul]

Erdoğan cleared to run for presidency as prime minister Hurriyet Daily News Turkey’s top election body has ruled that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan does not need to resign as he campaigns to be the next president Dispatches from Turkey… Turkey: Prime Minister Looks Ahead  NYT > Turkey by By SEBNEM ARSU Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan outlined … Read more

Assault to Kılıçdaroğlu was premediated. Attacker, an AKP member. RELEASED TODAY.

CHP leader?s attacker expelled from ruling AKP, deputy head says Hurriyet Daily News The man who attacked main opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu was a member of the Justice and Development Party Assailant says the attack was premeditated after being annoyed by CHP leader?s speeches Hurriyet Daily News The attacker reportedly planned the assault a month ago … Read more

EU minister photographed during vote-counting… Not Cats but Pro-gov?t suppliers cut off electricity on election night…

  Pro-gov?t suppliers, not cats, cut off electricity on election night: Report   Is Something Rotten In Ankara’s Mayoral Election? A Very Preliminary Statistical Analysis ? Erik ? Apr 1, 12:07 PM ? Having today seen tweets on numerous alleged voting irregularities in Turkey and thanks to Twitter user @erenyanik I came across this CHP/STS dataset of voting data … Read more

The whole world watching Ankara…. Police intervenes citizens… as usual.

And in so many districts opposition parties demand re-voting against AKP led election frauds…. All Together:   Crowdsourcing vote recounts   Hundreds volunteered at the main opposition CHP’s headquarters in Ankara to comb through the official voting database amid widespread fraud allegations Police fire water cannon in Turkish capital at election protest @occupybarcelona @USILive … Read more

A dark election introduces darker times in Turkey

First of all, I have to strongly declare that as long as elections go through a transparent process and vote counting occurs without a major irregularity, I am ready to accept and  congratulate whatever results AKP gets. If the citizens of Turkey predominantly prefer to continue with AKP leadership, I respect this decision. I had … Read more

Many Ergenekon suspects released… Attacks on HDP entities… Gov’t to move online alcohol ad bans…

Ergenekon suspects released amid chaos over legal authority between courts Several Ergenekon suspects have been released by separate courts at the same time that the former specially authorized court which dealt with the case ruled on the continuation of their imprisonment Election security does not exist for HDP, party says Attacks against the HDP in the run-up … Read more

The tape maybe a fake one but with tonight’s leak, Erdoğan may have lost a good deal of legitimacy…

Tonight we listened to a 11 minute talk between Erdoğan and his son Bilal on the day of December 17, Corruption Operation began… Supposedly, Bilal asks his father how to disappear millions of cash. The voices sound genuine but who knows. With this level of technology everything is possible. Gülenist accounts seem to approve the … Read more

FP blog take on Gülen movement… Wikileaked…

  WikiLeaked: 5 Things to Know About the Islamist Empire Trying to Take Down Erdogan Legal experts point toward high court to solve judicial impasse   Prominent legal experts and academics are not very hopeful about to amend the structure of the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK)   Turkey faces political, social and … Read more