Anthro roundup: “a timeline of the history of anthropology!”

Behold, a timeline of the history of anthropology!  Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology I am extremely happy to announce today that I’m making open access my timeline of the history of anthropological theory. This timeline has over 1,000 entries, beginning with the birth of Lewis Henry Morgan on 21 Nov 1818 and the latest … Read more

Anthro roundup: The populist battle over a Christmas figure in the Netherlands…

More thoughts from the Archaeology Division of the AAA- Publications, Blogging, and Making Conversations Count Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology by Jane Baxter Lynne Goldstein is a Professor of Anthropology and the Director of the Campus Archaeology Program at Michigan State University. She is the outgoing Publications Director for the Archaeology Division of the AAA. … Read more

Anthro roundup: “Anthropological reflections on space colonization”

Anthropological reflections on space colonization The Space Review In this regard, anthropology, as the scientific discipline that puts human beings at the center of its study focus, is of immense importance. Without sufficient knowledge about human behavior and reciprocal physical and cultural interaction with the Museum of Anthropology spotlights Gullah culture Winston-Salem Journal “Visions of … Read more

Anthro roundup: Do you know which sports are “ethno-sports”? An ethno games festival is on 26-28 August in İstanbul…

  This is a site for the Games: It does not seem to have pages in English. There is also the federation. Not all the pages in English available but still: The federation center is in Turkey and the founding countries of World Ethnosport Confederation are Turkey and Kyrgizistan according to the website. President of the federation is Bilal … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “Introducing the Public Anthropology Institute…

Introducing the Public Anthropology Institute Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology This entry is part 9 of 9 in the Decolonizing Anthropology series. By: Faye V. Harrison, Carole McGranahan, Matilda Ostow, Melissa Rosario, Paul Stoller, Gina Athena Ulysse and Maria Vesperi The massacre in Orlando was just two days before we sat together around a … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “AAA Boycott Vote Postmortem” by Savage Minds…

AAA Boycott Vote Postmortem Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology By now you have probably heard that the boycott vote failed by an incredibly narrow margin: In the end an astounding 51% of its 10,000 members participated. The resolution failed by exactly 39 votes: 2,423-2,384 (50.4%-49.6%)—a statistical dead heat. David Palumbo-Liu, Steven Salaita, Charlotte Silver, … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “On the anthropology of climate change….

On the anthropology of climate change Eurozine articles by Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Dasa Licen Mainstream literature on globalization tends not to take the uniqueness of each locality seriously enough, says Thomas Hylland Eriksen. He explains how the anthropology of climate change is responding to the need for an analysis of the global situation seen from below. … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “Religion has been causing conflict since 2000 years ago,anthropologists say”…

Religion has been causing conflict since 2000 years ago,anthropologists say ChristianToday This social tension caused by religion, however, is not a product of the modern world, according to a new study published on the journal “Current Anthropology.” In fact, researchers have concluded that religion has been causing conflict for over 2,000 Anthropologists overwhelmingly vote to … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “Paul Stoller’s Public Anthropology Turn…

Paul Stoller’s Public Anthropology Turn Huffington Post Evidence that anthropology is taking a more public turn abounded at the annual conference of the AmericanAnthropological Association (AAA) in Denver last month. WesChester University’s Paul Stoller, a consistent presence on Huffington Post since 2010, … CFP: Best Annual Food Studies Conference!  FoodAnthropology Here is the call for papers for … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “Jack Goody (1919-2015): an oral history

Jack Goody (1919-2015): an oral history  Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology — A Group Blog [The following is an invited post by Keith Hart, Centennial Professor of Economic Anthropology in the Department of International Development at the London School of Economics and International Director of the Human Economy Program in the Centre for the … Read more

Anthropology roundup: Malinowski’s Legacy in the Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea… Tristes Tropiques by Claude Lévi-Strauss…

Tristes Tropiques by Claude Lévi-Strauss – melancholyanthropology The Guardian (blog) Perhaps you are a lover of travellers’ tales. If the voice of this French anthropologist conveys to you nothing more than academic curmudgeonliness, let’s leave it there. But isn’t it a kind of fastidiousness that seems to belong to a vanished .   Malinowski’s Legacy: One … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “Sir Jack Goody, social anthropologist – obituary”

Coffee rituals and resistance to domination Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology — A Group Blog by Matt Thompson Remember resistance to domination? This was a very popular theme in cultural studies in the late ’90s and early ’00s. Eventually it reached a saturation point where, like an overplayed hit on Top 40 radio, it … Read more

Anthropology roundup: Dataverse: an open source solution for data sharing…

Dataverse: an open source solution for data sharing Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology — A Group Blog by Matt Thompson When you think of scholarship you might think first of publications, articles and books, but that is just the final product. Yes it is polished through countless hours of research, writing, and responding to … Read more

Anthropology roundup: ” Anthropologists When They’re the Expert in the Courtroom.

We weaponized anthropology. Why didn’t it work? The Fabius Maximus website (blog) Yesterday’s post recommended Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State (2011) by David H. Price (Prof of anthropology at St. Martin’s U; bio here). In this great book he describes one facet of America’s militarization .. View image | … Read more

Anthropology roundup: 19 February is the “National Anthropology Day”… “Turkic language family time depth…

A Global Celebration of Anthropology  American Anthropological Association by Joslyn O. On Thursday, February 19, 2015 anthropologists worldwide will celebrate the inaugural National Anthropology Day. This inaugural event, created by the American Anthropological Association, calls public attention to the important work that anthropologists contribute to our daily lives.   The Anthropology of the Middle Class Huffington … Read more