A (relatively) peaceful May Day in Turkey

May Day Celebrations Across Turkey Bianet :: English May Day has been celebrated across Turkey with songs and folk dances. MAY DAY IN İSTANBUL: Workers’ Day Celebrated in Bakırköy People have gathered in Bakırköy for the May 1 Workers’ Day Celebrations, while Taksim Square was under police blockade. MAY DAY IN İSTANBUL: Contemporary Lawyers’ Association: 119 … Read more

Persona non Grata, A documentary (with English subtitles) on the story of Turkey’s journalists today… EFD Rights Watch….

A new documentary: Persona non Grata Produced by P24, directed by Tuluhan Tekelioglu, Persona non Grata tells the story of Turkey’s journalists today—watch it here… The first public screening of Punto24’s new documentary was held at the Swedish Consulate in Istanbul to mark the World Press Freedom Day on 3 May, 2015. This is not … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: AKP government after more tweets while decides “to better inform foreign media about Turkey?s press freedom

Government decides to better inform foreign media about Turkey?s press freedom The government is taking steps to inform foreign journalists in other countries about the ?truth in Turkey,? Davutoğlu said Turkey has censored more than 100 tweets in the past week theverge.com ? Russell Brandom ? May 8, 11:49 AM ? More than a month after Turkey lifted … Read more

Pro-gov’t papers close to anti-Semitism in their Freedom House critique… Turkey?s Council of State cancels Taksim pedestrianization project

Freedom House says Turkish papers resorted to anti-Semitism Today’s Zaman They include the government’s recent releases of journalists in the Ergenekon and KCK cases, regressive changes to Turkey’s Internet law 5651, the blocking of Twitter and YouTube, and the law increasing intelligence,” the statement said, adding that . Turkey?s Council of State cancels Taksim pedestrianization project … Read more

as if hostages, detained May Day activists are still not released…

Mighty Turkish State with mighty “Palaces of Justice” cannot find prosecutors to process the detainees situations. Lawyers and media personnel are waiting activists to be released… Michelle Demishevich ?@demishevich #1MayısGözaltılarıSerbestBırakılsın eylemini takipteyiz #press #media #pressfreedom #CaglayanAdliyesi pic.twitter.com/1JpqZvgXjg Çağlayan Adliyesi önü. (11.00) 1 mayıs gözaltıları için bekleniyor. pic.twitter.com/hhnWKX8itW  

Another summary of May Day in Turkey.

May Day Celebrations Across Turkey  Bianet :: English While Istanbul was under the police attack, May Day celebrations continued at many cities in Turkey. bianet is reporting May Day scenes from Ankara, İzmir, Sivas, Kayseri, Diyarbakır, Tokat, Kars, Hakkari and Samsun. Gas Masks and Rubber Bullets: This Was Istanbul Today  Mashable! by Amanda Wills ISTANBUL, Turkey ? Thousands … Read more

It is official: Turkey relegated to the league of ?not free? countries in Freedom House report.

Turkey relegated to the league of ?not free? countries: report Turkey has been relegated from the league of ?Partly Free? countries to the league of ?Not Free? countries, Freedom House reports Tear gas at Turkish May Day protests Riot police in Turkey use tear gas and water canon to prevent demonstrators defying a ban on protests on … Read more

#MayDayinTurkey News Sources #1MAYISDİRENİSTİR

[News sources] 1- @140journos ve @dokuz8haber ve @onurerem http://birgun.net/haber/1-mayistan-canli-yayin-goruntuleri-13750.html ? [News sources] 2- DHA Canlı yayınlar- http://dha.com.tr/dhayayin/  ve http://dha.com.tr/dhayayin-2/  ve http://dha.com.tr/dhayayin-3/  ı [News sources] 3: Diken Canlı http://www.diken.com.tr/vitrin/polis-taksimi-kusatti-diskin-onunde-toplasma-basladi/ ? ve @ayagakalktaksim ve @otekilerpostasi  [News sources] 4- @canli_bbcturkce http://www.bbc.co.uk/turkce/haberler/140430_canli_1mayis.shtml ? Bianet: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/bianet-org ? [News sources] 5- @sendika_org http://www.sendika.org/2014/05/ve-istanbul-1-mayisa-girdi/ ? – sahadan @erenerdemnet – @AJTCanli http://canli.aljazeera.com.tr/Event/1_Mays  Istanbul Turkey… Happy Labour Day. pic.twitter.com/BwJL7DcST4 … Read more

Labor Day Imagery from Turkey (I) #1MayıstaTaksimdeyiz

  A look back at the NY Times article on the May 1, 1977 Taksim Square massacre #Turkey #history #MayDay pic.twitter.com/P9eTN1Mgkv via Louis Fishman?@Istanbultelaviv Mersin Muhalefet?@MersinMuhalefet 1 Mayıs pankart çalışmaları devam ediyor.. pic.twitter.com/LU0COZcN2i Emektar Madenci?@solmaden Susma!Umut ol,1 mayıs da bizimle ol.. /İstasyon caddesi-12.00da bulu$alım. pic.twitter.com/GMEVc5cJ5r müştereklerimiz?@musterekler HER YERDEYİZ, HER YERİZ! 1 MAYIS’TA TAKSİM’E YÜRÜYORUZ! pic.twitter.com/21VUJYsAPH arslaneroglu?@babai1235 1 … Read more

Turkish State invades Taksim Square with 40K police to deny Labor Day celebrations…

Many major unions and left wing organizations are determined to celebrate May Day in Taksim, as it has been the case for decades, but I believe it is hard to challenge Erdoğan’s determination to close Taksim for celebrations. Against a brute state force, there will be clashes around but it is hard to imageine activists … Read more

As the tension with Constitutional Court continues, President Gül approves the controversial MIT, Intel law…

Turkey’s spy agency granted extraordinary powers, as President Gül approves MIT law President Gül has approved a bill expanding the powers of the MİT, Turkey’s spy agency. With the new law, all Turkish citizens will legally be obliged to provide the MİT requested information and document –or face four years in jail A Jedi Knight Or Iftikhar … Read more

Erdoğan denies Taksim for Labor Day, desires more polarization before the Presidential Elections

As a master tactician, he knows that he can only survive with dedicated disciples in a politically polarized environment. Espcially before the Presidential elections in August. Today he announced he will not let Labor Day celebrations in Taksim. Just 4 years ago, AKP was boasting that Labor Day could be celebrated in Taksim thanks to them:   Taksim … Read more

Taksim denied for May Day Rally… Government wants tension…A Social fabric roundup…

Unions meet Istanbul governor for May Day rally in Taksim Hurriyet Daily News A senior Turkish labor leader has said thousands of union members are determined to celebrate International Labor Day in Istanbul?s iconic Taksim Square ************************* Anti?westernism in Turkey open Democracy News Analysis – by Hakki Tas Erdoğan now adopts the same rhetoric of … Read more

İftar in the Taksim Square by the municipality… while rights violations continue increasingly… EFD Rights Watch

iftar: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iftar Here are the tables put by the municipality.. Police search houses of Gezi protests? starter group members Police are searching the houses of representatives of the Taksim Solidarity Platform including their leading figures European court finds Turkey guilty in case regarding police crackdown ECHR has fined Turkey in a complaint by two Turkish citizens regarding … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: 14 tons of water mixed with tear gas used in May Day crackdown…

14 tons of water mixed with tear gas used in May Day crackdown by Istanbul police A total of 14 tons of water mixed with tear gas was used during the police crackdown on demonstrators on May Day in Istanbul, a lawyer has learned.   Top court ruling may replace conscientious objectors’ prison sentences with … Read more