“Dolar 3.40” Turkish Lira falls to historic low against US dollar as Turkey runs $3.7 billion budget deficit in first 10 months of year…

Turkish Lira falls to historic low against US dollar The Turkish Lira hit another record low against the U.S. dollar, having fallen more than 8 percent so far this week, hit by a statement by the head of U.S. Federal Reserve chairwoman and signs of more discord between Turkey and Europe Turkey runs $3.7 billion budget deficit … Read more

Protesters denouncing ‘Islamisation’ of schools met by Police Water Cannons today in Turkey…

Boycott of schools begins across Turkey A boycott of schools was launched on Feb. 13 upon a call from the Eğitim-Sen teachers’ union and a number of Alevi associations to protest the government’s recent education system implementations, including on compulsory religion classes. Dozens detained around Turkey in school boycott Dozens were detained around Turkey on Feb 13 … Read more

Erdoğan criticizes Obama for silence on Chapel Hill Murders as human rights violations abound in his own country…

  Erdogan chides Obama for silence on Chapel Hill murders  World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk Relations appear to have deteriorated as Turkish president reveals he no longer talks directly to his US counterpart Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday criticised US President Barack Obama for his silence following the killings of three young Muslims in … Read more

Erdoğan likens himself to Britain’s Queen as Turkish government suspends metal workers’ strike in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY

Turkish President Erdoğan says UK is semi-presidency dominated by Queen In a bid to justify his support for a change to the political system in Turkey, President Erdoğan has suggested that the United Kingdom is run as a semi-presidential system in which the will of the Queen is dominant. Turkey’s Erdogan says he’s no sultan — but … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Greek elections tomorrow. Syriza is comin’

VIDEO: Greek campaigning ends ahead of vote  BBC News | Europe | World Edition The BBC’s Chris Morris reports from a Syriza rally in Crete as campaigning in Greece’s general election comes to an end. Syriza ‘to end Greece‘s humiliation’ BBC News | Europe | World Edition The leader of Greek anti-austerity party Syriza says an end … Read more

In the mean time, Turkish lira, stocks fall, Central Bank defiant

The Turkish Lira broke records and stock market tumbled during a live interview with the Central Bank governor   Lira, stock market plunges to record lows amid Turkish Central Bank governor?s interview The Turkish lira freshened records and stock market tumbled during Erdem Başçı’s live interview   We will be ineligible in 2015 election, says … Read more