Main opposition party believes “1 million sufferers in post-coup process

  CHP urges fair trial, cites 1 million sufferers in post-coup process The number of people who have suffered from the government’s “reckless measures” against suspected Gülenists within the civil service has hit 1 million, the main opposition leader has said Turkish schools reopen after purge of teachers suspected of coup links World news: Turkey | … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Pirates are coming! Pirate news from Iceland….

#Iceland April 4, 2016 · by Josef Ohlsson Collentine RE-ELECTIONS LOOMING CLOSE AS ICELAND HITS A POLITICAL SCANDAL April 5, 2016 · by Stathis Leivaditis IT’S TIME FOR THE PIRATES April 6, 2016 · by Josef Ohlsson Collentine THE SCHRÖDINGER’S PRIME MINISTER OF ICELAND April 6, 2016 · by Josef Ohlsson Collentine PIRATE PARTY ICELAND POLLING AT 43%, ALMOST A MAJORITY April 7, … Read more

Stating the obvious at #G20Turkey, Why #Putin is more effective than all: Some G-20 countries backing ISIL…

Putin accuses anonymous G-20 countries of backing ISIL Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed some 40 countries, including those among the Group of 20 nations, for financing ISIL militants, Russia Today reported Stray cats frolic across stage at G20 summit – video  World news: Turkey | The G20 summit in Turkey had three unannounced guests on … Read more

As Turkey continues to arrest Kurdish politicians, new Freedom of Expression Violation Verdicts by ECHR…

Two Freedom of Expression Violation Verdicts by ECHR  Bianet :: English The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that charges pressed against Günlük Evrensel newspaper writers Ahmet Sami Belek and Savaş Velioğlu, and Müdür Duman from HADEP are violation of freedom of expression and condemned Turkey to indemnity. ECHR fines Turkey over conviction of journalists … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: The Next Front in the Battle for Net Neutrality in Europe… “Reddit Turns 10…

Europe: The Next Front in the Battle for Net Neutrality Updates Americans won big on net neutrality in February, when the FCC voted to adoptnew rules that would allow it to rein in the abusive and discriminatory practices of big telecommunications operators, such as blocking or throttling of Internet data, and charging content providers for … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: The Pirate Bay down after servers raided by police in Sweden

The Pirate Bay offline after police raid in Sweden Mashable! by Stan Schroeder BitTorrent indexing site The Pirate Bay has been offline since Tuesday morning after police in Sweden raided the site’s server room, seizing servers and other equipment.   The Pirate Bay is offline after Swedish police allegedly seize servers You might have noticed that … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Piratebox 1.0: anonymous, go-anywhere wireless file-sharing… “Advanced Socialbots Have Infiltrated Twitter

Piratebox 1.0: anonymous, go-anywhere wireless file-sharing  Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow Piratebox, a great project for making standalone wireless fileservers, has gone 1.0. The 1.0 has a slick 4chan-style message board, a responsive UI, and does UPnP discovery for your file-sharing needs. Combined with cheap wireless gear and a little battery, it’s a perfect file-sharing boxlet that you … Read more

EU supporters battle on in Ukraine… Empowering Europe?s Roma… Eurosphere roundup…

MAIN FOCUS: EU supporters battle on in Ukraine | 26/11/2013 Opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko began a hunger strike on Monday in a bid to have theassociation agreement signed. Meanwhile tens of thousands continue to demonstrate for the country to strengthen its ties with the EU. The Ukrainians still believe in the European dream, commentators write, calling on the EU’s … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Iran nuclear deal… Ukraine abandons EU…

Did the United States Just Grant Iran the Right to Enrich Uranium? For weeks, Western negotiators have huddled in a luxury hotel in Geneva with their Iranian counterparts to defuse tensions over Tehran’s nuclear program. In the early hours Sunday, the diplomats finally secured their long-sought prize: a deal that puts the breaks on Iran’s nuclear ambitions in … Read more

UN confirms use of poison gas in Syria…Turkey expects no retaliation after shooting Syrian helicopter.. Syria updates…

Turkey Says It Downed Syrian Helicopter in Its Airspace A Russian-built military aircraft was repeatedly warned to turn back before being fired on by two warplanes, Turkish officials said. MAIN FOCUS: UN confirms use of poison gas in Syria | 17/09/2013 UN inspectors have found “clear and convincing evidence” of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, … Read more

Putin emerges as the star of Syria talks, Turkish diplomacy the only warmonger… Syria updates…

Assad says chemical handover not result of US threat: Interfax Syria‘s decision to cede control of its chemical weapons was the result of a Russian proposal, not the threat of US military intervention or Turkey?s Leader, Syria?s War Worsens His Problems at Home Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has shied away from any unilateral action against … Read more

“Unholly alliance”: Saudi Arabia, Turkey solidify Syria policy… a FP roundup..

Saudi Arabia, Turkey solidify Syria policy Turkey and Saudi Arabia reiterated their common understanding on the civil war in Syria…     Turkey seals border crossing with Syria Turkey has closed a border gate with Syria following two deadly bomb attacks in Turkey?s southern province of Hatay Syria opposition open key talks in Istanbul Syria’s … Read more