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April 4, 2016 · by Josef Ohlsson Collentine
April 5, 2016 · by Stathis Leivaditis
April 6, 2016 · by Josef Ohlsson Collentine
April 6, 2016 · by Josef Ohlsson Collentine
April 7, 2016 · by Stathis Leivaditis
April 8, 2016 · by Josef Ohlsson Collentine

How the UK & US Are Fighting ISIS Online- Part 2

Last week I posted an evaluation of how the US and UK governments are using Twitter in their struggle against ISIS. The analysis found two main differences in these governments’’ use of twitter. First, the UK against Daesh twitter channel seems to focus on two-way engagement with followers while the Think Again Turn Away appears to focus more on one way information dissemination. Secondly, the UK channel offers a narrative according to which the international coalition is making steady progress in its fight against ISIS. Moreover, the Syrian opposition is ready and able to lead Syria in the day after ISIS. The US narrative focuses more on the global war against ISIS and the disillusionment of people with ISIS.

This week I decided to explore how these two twitter channels are alike and how they are different.

Ray Tomlinson, who implemented the first email system on the ARPANET (the Internet’s precursor) and decided on the @ symbol for use in email addresses,died on Saturday at the age of 74. From his biography at the Internet Hall of Fame:

The very high-profile and incredibly important case between Apple and the FBI wanting access to data stored on an iPhone could have “serious global ramifications,” according to the United Nation’s High Commissioner of Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

apple-smallAlthough not absolutely essential for making BitTorrent work these days, torrent trackers are always handy things to have. A bit like a policeman directing traffic, they ensure that BitTorrent clients can find each other quickly in order to share content.

Some Strategies of Bot Poetics

by Harry

On the Twitterbot as contemporary poet – this is nerdy as hell in the least annoying way.


Your guide to the Hillary Clinton email investigation


Republicans are salivating and Democrats are anxious over the prospects of an election-year indictment for Hillary Clinton over her emails.



My new Guardian column, Forget Apple’s fight with the FBI – our privacy catastrophe has only just begun, explains how surveillance advocates have changed their arguments: 20 years ago, they argued that the lack of commercial success for privacy tools showed that the public didn’t mind surveillance; today, they dismiss Apple’s use of cryptographic tools as a “marketing stunt” and treat the proportionality of surveillance as a settled question.

Inside the Cunning, Unprecedented Hack of Ukraine’s Power Grid

New details show the hack on Ukraine’s power grid was a first-of-its-kind attack that sets an ominous precedent for the safety and security of power grids everywhere.

With the release of an algorithm-defined timeline on Twitter – which will show users tweets based on engagement – brands may need to re-think their Twitter strategies to ensure they are actually generating engagement and don’t get overlooked. Twitter’s offered a range of tips to assist.

How tech is reshaping male masturbation


“Let me assure you, babe. I’m absolutely ambidextrous when it comes to the touchpad mouse and keyboard on my computer. Being a right-handed masturbator means I’ve gotten very good at typing with my left hand.”


The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, now executive chairman of its parent company Alphabet, is about to start helping the military improve what it does by borrowing concepts and ideas straight from Silicon Valley. Schmidt will chair the new 12-person Defense Innovation Advisory Board, which is being brought in to help the organization use tools like “rapid prototyping, iterative product development, complex data analysis… mobile and cloud applications.” “The board will not engage in discussion of military operations or strategy,” the Department of Defense statement said.

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