Cyberculture roundup: “Yahoo seems to have betrayed its users…

Yahoo has been secretly scanning your email and handing it over to US intelligence [Updated] The Next Web by Bryan Clark For years, Yahoo has been scanning the email of unknowing users and then turning this information over to US intelligence agencies. Citing sources familiar with the matter, Reuters broke the story today that Yahoo is … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “The U.S. will no longer have the final say on internet domain names…

Mozilla open-sourced its logo redesign, and here are the finalists  The Next Web by Natt Garun In June, Mozilla announced that it would be redesigning its logo with the help of the internet’s collaboration. Along the way, it asked its community members to provide feedback on every step, shaping the logo into what the Web believes … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Open Access Is a Human Rights Issue

Open Access Is a Human Rights Issue Updates by Elliot Harmon A BBC article has been making the rounds this week about #icanhazpdf, a “secret codeword” that people use to access research papers from limited-access journals. The idea is simple: when researchers—or, for that matter, curious readers—find a reference to an article that they can’t … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: The Pirate Bay down after servers raided by police in Sweden

The Pirate Bay offline after police raid in Sweden Mashable! by Stan Schroeder BitTorrent indexing site The Pirate Bay has been offline since Tuesday morning after police in Sweden raided the site’s server room, seizing servers and other equipment.   The Pirate Bay is offline after Swedish police allegedly seize servers You might have noticed that … Read more

Gazeteci arkadaşlara: 2 Eylül’de İstanbul’da başlayacak Internet Governance Forum’u izlemek için….

Şu adresten kaydolmanız gerekiyor: 15 Ağustos son tarih… Ninth Annual IGF Meeting From Tuesday 02 September 2014 To Friday 05 September 2014 The Ninth Annual IGF Meeting will be held in Istanbul, Turkey The registration period is from 18 June to 15 August.   Journalists and other media representatives interested in applying for accreditation for the IGF 2014 … Read more

Pew: 30% of all Americans, get news from the social network…ICANN introduces its first top-level domains using non-Latin characters…Cyberculture roundup…

Pew: 47% of US Facebook users, or about 30% of all Americans, get news from the social network Given that Facebook is the world?s largest social network with over 1.15 billion users, it?s no surprise that many turn to the platform for news. In the US, about half of adult Facebook users, or 47 percent, get news … Read more

Saudi capital contributes Istanbul’s Maslak 1453 exploit…ICANN in Istanbul… Istanbul news roundup…

Saudi pays $190.7m for 469 Istanbul apartments Manama: A Saudi businessman is paying $190.7 million (Dh700.27 million) for 469 apartments inIstanbul, a Turkish daily reported. The sale by Agaoglu Group, one of the highest flyers in the Turkish real estate industry, made up nearly 10 per cent of   Beyond Istanbul: Turkey’s lesser known … Read more

“ICANN to launch a huge regional hub in Turkey… news from the Turkish cybersphere…

    Internet domain name watchdog ICANN to launch a huge regional hub in Turkey from Hurriyet Daily News ICANN will perform its operational activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa from a hub based in Turkey.   SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY – Internet domain name watchdog ICANN to launch a huge regional hub in … Read more

Europarl Committee Rejects ACTA, Tor anonymity, Linus Torvalds reflects on Linux and more.. A cyberculture roundup..

Final Europarl Committee Rejects ACTA: Internet-Lobbyists, 5-0. from TorrentFreak by Ernesto A lot of prestige had been building up toward today?s vote in the International Trade committee (INTA), which was about to give its recommendation to the European Parliament on the ACTA treaty. Six months ago, it looked like a no-brainer. Then, protests on the … Read more