“Unholly alliance”: Saudi Arabia, Turkey solidify Syria policy… a FP roundup..

Saudi Arabia, Turkey solidify Syria policy

Turkey and Saudi Arabia reiterated their common understanding on the civil war in Syria



Turkey seals border crossing with Syria

Turkey has closed a border gate with Syria following two deadly bomb attacks in Turkey?s southern province of Hatay

Syria opposition open key talks in Istanbul

Syria’s main opposition National Coalition opened a fresh round of talks in Istanbul Thursday.


Turkey has to reboot its Syria strategy

Daily Star (Lebanon) 17 May 2013                                                       Français Hugh Pope * For much of the late 2000s, Turkey hoped that a booming economy, the prestige of combative Prime Minister Recep

Syria?s Uprising: sectarianism, regionalisation, and state order in the Levant

Working Paper (Fride & Hivos) n° 119, May 2013, 21 p. By Steven Heydemann * As the Syrian revolution enters its third year, the risks to regional stability are escalating. Violence has spilled over all of Syria?s borders. The conflict has elevated sectarian tensions in Lebanon, threatening the 1990 Taif settlement that ended 15 years


Turkey wants Syria deadline in Geneva

Turkey is eager to set a deadline on talks between Syria?s warring parties when they convene next month in Geneva at a global conference


Turkey wants EU leadership, says EU Minister Bağış

Turkey is not simply a candidate for European Union membership.

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