Turkey’s way: “ISIL militant’s jail sentence reduced due to ‘good conduct’ in Turkey [and the militant fled to Syria…

ISIL militant’s jail sentence reduced due to ‘good conduct’ in Turkey The jail sentence of a militant from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Ahmet Güneş, has been reduced due to “good conduct” in the southeastern province of Gaziantep, despite the fact his trial was conducted in absentia, Doğan News Agency reported on … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “The Rise Of Terrorism Inspired By Religion In France…

The Rise Of Terrorism Inspired By Religion In France  FiveThirtyEight » Features by Carl Bialik The terrorist attacks at six sites in and around Paris on Friday, which French authorities said killed 129 people and injured more than 350, claimed more lives than all other acts of terror combined in the previous quarter century in France, … Read more

As Turkey continues to arrest Kurdish politicians, new Freedom of Expression Violation Verdicts by ECHR…

Two Freedom of Expression Violation Verdicts by ECHR  Bianet :: English The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that charges pressed against Günlük Evrensel newspaper writers Ahmet Sami Belek and Savaş Velioğlu, and Müdür Duman from HADEP are violation of freedom of expression and condemned Turkey to indemnity. ECHR fines Turkey over conviction of journalists … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “The Snowden Treaty

The US’s Campaign Against Encryption Is Based on Blind Faith in Silicon Valley Stanford Center for Internet and Society by Center for Internet and Society Date published: September 22, 2015 “”The unanimous conclusion—the scientific consensus—in industry, in academia, and even among government experts is that there is a significant security risk associated with facilitating government access … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: 36 People Who Run Wikipedia…”Governments’ Requests for Facebook User Data Up 24% …

  Meet the 36 People Who Run Wikipedia  Slashdot blastboy writes By pretty much any logic, Wikipedia shouldn’t work: A vast website, built on the labor of volunteers, with very few tangible rewards and a fairly weird hierarchy. From the article: “The stewards would prefer to go unnoticed. Only one has ever had any real fame—Wikipedia … Read more

in Beirut, Lebanon until Wednesday…

I and three other colleagues arrived Beirut today afternoon. We will stay here until Wednesday noon. This is my first time in a Middle Eastern location. I hope to go beyond a mere touristic trip. I have one connection to get in touch but I will see if he can be helpful. Otherwise, we will end up tasting … Read more

A Qatari plane brings Turkish pilots held hostage in Lebanon back home…

Just another case of Turkey‘s misery in Middle East. Looks like they needed some Qatari help…  Turkish pilots held hostage in Lebanon arrive in Istanbul A Qatari plane carrying both pilots has landed at Istanbul airport tonight at 11:05 p.m Turkey rejects EU view of handling of protests, pleased with report ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkey … Read more

Cengiz Aktar: Tekadamlardan medet ummak

  Tekadamlardan medet ummak     Liderin, güçlü iktidarın cazibesi ne buraya mahsus ne de basit bir doğu-batı farkıyla açıklanabilecek bir şey. Doğu?da tekadamlardan geçilmezken Batı?nın yakın zamana kadar diktatöründen seçilmiş tekadamlarına kadar güçlü liderleri vardı. Franko 1975?te öldü, Hitler çok eski değil, de Gaulle ve Thatcher daha dündü.   Tekadamdan gözünüzü alamayınca onun yaptığı hataları, … Read more

Turkey’s war games. Shoot the Syrian helicopter, then pilots decapitated by Al-Qaida militants… Syria updates..

Turkey conducted ?punitive action? by shooting Syrian helicopter, Turkish FM says Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said that Turkey conducted a ?punishing operation? Raw: Turkey Says It Shot Down Syrian Helicopter A Turkish fighter jet shot down a Syrian military helicopter on Monday after it entered Turkish airspace and ignored warnings to leave, an official said. … Read more

Syria crisis: US and Russia embark on diplomatic track… Syrian crisis isn?t just about chemicals, says Turkish president… Syria updates…

Syria crisis: US and Russia embark on diplomatic track Syria’s chemical arsenal was at the center of a ramped up diplomatic effort Sept. 11 as Washington put its threat of military strikes aside and engaged with Russia’s disarmament plan Israel proposed Syria chemical plan ?long ago? Israel long ago proposed to international actors, including Russia, the confiscation … Read more

“Syria crisis overshadows G20 summit… Turkey rushes to push for Syria…

Warlords in Syria and Turkey Today I will leave aside the ?strategically deep? topics and focus on a smaller problem Obama, not at his best…  MAIN FOCUS: Syria crisis overshadows G20 summit | 05/09/2013 The G20 leaders convene in St. Petersburg today, Thursday. Commentators expect the topic of Syria to dominate the talks. While some hope … Read more

“US Senate panel approves use of force against Syria… Syria updates…

US Senate panel approves use of force against Syria The Senate Foreign Relations Committee vote paves the way for full Senate debate  Anti-war demonstrators in silent protest during Kerry’s address before US House committee Arab nations have offered to help pay for any U.S. military intervention in Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry told lawmakers while … Read more

Serhatcan Yurdam (@syurdam): Suriyeli mülteci sayısı 2 milyonu aştı

Suriyeli mülteci sayısı 2 milyonu aştı BM Mülteciler Yüksek Komiserliğ’inin (UNHCR) resmi web sitesi‘nde dün yapılan açıklamada Suriyeli mülteci sayısının 2 milyonu aştığı belirtildi.  Bir yıl önce 230 bin civarındaki mülteci sayısı bir sene içinde 1 milyon 800 bin civarında arttı. via “Tek teselli komşu ülkeler” BM Mülteciler Yüksek Komiseri António Guterres Suriye’de üç yıldır süren savaşın … Read more

Turkish pilot abandons Beirut flight to protest abduction of colleagues, Probe launched… A FP roundup

Turkish pilot abandons Beirut flight to protest abduction of colleagues A THY pilot abandoned today an Istanbul-Beirut plane to protest the abduction of two Turkish pilots in Lebanon Probe launched into Turkish pilot who abandoned flight to protest abduction of colleagues in Lebanon A probe has been launched into a pilot who walked off an … Read more

Turkey in Middle East: “?Any Turk in Beirut? target for us, kidnapped Lebanese pilgrims? families threaten… A FP roundup

?Any Turk in Beirut? target for us, kidnapped Lebanese pilgrims? families threaten The families of abducted Lebanese Shiite pilgrims in Syria have threatened to kidnap any Turkish national in Beirut Turkey shuts offices as Lebanon crisis mounts Turkey has closed its cultural center and commercial office in Beirut after the kidnapping of two Turkish pilots … Read more