Cyberculture agenda: “Lessons from the Digital Classroom

Lessons from the Digital Classroom MIT Technology Review Technologists and venture capitalists are betting that the data online learning generates will reshape education.   Hacking Team Leak Shows How Secretive Zero-Day Exploit Sales Work Wired Top Stories by Kim Zetter It was not easy for Hacking Team to buy zero-day exploits to sell to governments.   Once again: … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: The Next Front in the Battle for Net Neutrality in Europe… “Reddit Turns 10…

Europe: The Next Front in the Battle for Net Neutrality Updates Americans won big on net neutrality in February, when the FCC voted to adoptnew rules that would allow it to rein in the abusive and discriminatory practices of big telecommunications operators, such as blocking or throttling of Internet data, and charging content providers for … Read more

For the moment, “Turkey’s pro-gov’t ‘trolls’ hit hard in latest Twitter battle

  Turkey’s pro-gov’t ‘trolls’ hit hard in latest Twitter battle A spectacular social media war has begun, with Turkey’s pro-gov’t ‘trolls’ losing the latest battle against an apparently more organized virtual opposition. Ceylan Yeginsu ‏@CeylanWrites The Sultanahmet bomber was a 4-month pregnant teen from Dagestan, whose husband died in Kobani fighting for ISIS. … Renowned Turkish professor … Read more

Finally some kind of good news… “Historic deal in Iran nuclear talks…

  Obama: Breakthrough in Iran nuclear talks will ‘make our world safer’ Iran and six world powers have announced an understanding outlining limits on Iran‘s nuclear program so it cannot lead to atomic weapons, directing negotiators toward achieving a comprehensive agreement within three months See also: Netanyahu drops ‘Game of Thrones’ during Congress speech on … Read more

The Turkish army is back. “236 acquitted in Balyoz coup case

236 acquitted in Balyoz coup case   All 236 suspects in the ‘Balyoz’ coup plot case were acquitted March 31 after the case’s prosecutor argued that digital data submitted as evidence was ‘fake’ Turkish army denounces ‘illegal copying’ of state secrets The Turkish General Staff has filed a criminal complaint over the permitting of top secret information … Read more

Biden’s apology spree. “UAE [also] says Biden apologises for any implication it supported militants

UAE says Biden apologises for any implication it supported militants The United Arab Emirates said on Oct. 5 that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden had apologised to the Abu Dhabi crown prince for “any implications” in a speech he made last week that the UAE had supported Islamist militants in Syria. US Vice President Biden says Turkish … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Iran nuclear deal… Ukraine abandons EU…

Did the United States Just Grant Iran the Right to Enrich Uranium? For weeks, Western negotiators have huddled in a luxury hotel in Geneva with their Iranian counterparts to defuse tensions over Tehran’s nuclear program. In the early hours Sunday, the diplomats finally secured their long-sought prize: a deal that puts the breaks on Iran’s nuclear ambitions in … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: “France takes tough line at Iran talks…”Tight EU budgets..” Anti-Semitism ‘on rise in Europe’

France takes tough line at Iran talks France expresses doubts about draft agreement and makes demands on Tehran that appear to be tougher than those from the US and Britain Iran nuclear talks end without a deal Near two-week gap before next talks could prove uncomfortable for US and Iranian negotiators, who both face considerable opposition at … Read more

“Turkey left with no obvious regional ally… A FP roundup…

Turkey left with no obvious regional ally Relations with the Middle East and the EU are in a parlous state as Erdogan faces many problems not of his own making and apparently without solutions Fitch director warns Turkey of perfect storm The Turkish economy now appears to be out of an immediate danger from any … Read more

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