“Turkey starts ground incursion into Kurdish-controlled Afrin in Syria… #ZeytinDalıHareketı

Turkey starts ground incursion into Kurdish-controlled Afrin in Syria World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk by Kareem Shaheen in Istanbul   Move follows intense aerial bombardment of enclave, with Kurdish militias shelling Turkish border province in response Turkey said it had begun a ground incursion into the Kurdish enclave in Syria known as Afrin a day after intense … Read more

Turkey in Europe: “Detained Journalist From Italy Released, Deported

Detained Journalist From Italy Released, Deported Bianet :: English Angelino Alfano, Minister of Interior of Italy has announced that Gabriele Del Grande, a journalist from Italy who had been in custody since April 9, was released and sent to Italy. Silencing Turkey’s Media hrw.org – Dec 14, 2016, 9:01 PM Ruthless Assault on Press Freedom Shields … Read more

As police raids HDP protesters, “PM Admits Deliberate Internet Cut Off”

PM Admits Deliberate Internet Cut Off Bianet :: English About Internet cut off, PM Yıldırım has said that things will return to normal “after the threat is parried”. Problems in access to social media in Turkey a ‘security measure,’ says PM The slowdown in internet connection experienced throughout Turkey are a “security measure” taken by the government, … Read more

Main opposition party believes “1 million sufferers in post-coup process

  CHP urges fair trial, cites 1 million sufferers in post-coup process The number of people who have suffered from the government’s “reckless measures” against suspected Gülenists within the civil service has hit 1 million, the main opposition leader has said Turkish schools reopen after purge of teachers suspected of coup links World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk … Read more

Turkey explicitly declares: No cooperation if Kurds in Syria involved…

Turkey will not cooperate in US support for Kurds in Syria, says Erdogan  World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk President calls Syrian Kurdish group a terrorist organisation US launches further air strikes against Isis at Kobani US-led air strikes kill 10 civilians, say monitors Turkey would not agree to any US arms transfers to Kurdish fighters who … Read more

“Erdoğan’s Guards Quarrel With NYPD……”Jihadist sympathizers attack students protesting ISIL at Istanbul University…

  Turkish Leader Erdogan’s Misstep in NYC huffingtonpost.com – Stephen Schlesinger – Sep 17, 5:56 PM – The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has a problem. Through his battles at home in recent years to ward off criminal investigations of his administration, his insistence on dismissing wiretaps that show he and his aides involved … Read more

Pro-gov’t journos fill (!) empty seats at Erdoğan’s UN talk…

Turkey’s EU strategy creates action plan for accession Turkey’s new EU strategy, which is ostensibly designed to accelerate the EU accession process, was published in the Official Gazette on Sept. 25 Isis onslaught against Kurds in Syria brings man-made disaster into Turkey  World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk by Constanze Letsch In the border town of Suruç, there … Read more

So police state style. No court orders will be needed to block sites or record web traffic…

New Bill Allows TIB to Control Internet Traffic Data After the passing of a new omnibus law, Turkey’s Telecommunication Authorities are now able to control internet traffic information and it will be passed onto related officials through judges – a type of information that could be only be requested within an investigation. News in Turkish … Read more

Damn with the EU, Turkish PM Erdoğan to Putin: Take us to Shanghai

Turkish PM Erdoğan to Putin: Take us to Shanghai   Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has again opened up the debate on Turkey?s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Turkish PM Erdoğan meets Russian President Putin   Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has met with Russian President Vladimir Putin as a part of a two-day … Read more

Part 2 of Arzu Geybullayeva piece: Where does religion end and politics begin in Turkey: through the prism of The Gezi Park protests-

Part 2 Beyond the Gezi Park protests   Back at the Gezi protests, it was clear AKP misread what triggered the country- wide non-violent demonstrations. The ruling party not only misread the causes of the unrest but also the protesters themselves. It was easier for the ruling power to blame the cause of these protests … Read more

Whining like a child: “Turkey will probably never become a member of the EU because of ‘prejudiced’ attitudes…

    Turkey will probably never be EU member, Minister Bağış says Bağış has said Turkey will probably never become a member of the EU because of ‘prejudiced’ attitudes ********************** Turkish investors urge foreign policy revision The head of TÜSİAD calls for Ankara to return to being an honest broker in the wider region in … Read more

Marc Pierini: Individual Freedoms in Turkey

Individual Freedoms in Turkey MARC PIERINI Turkey?s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has witnessed economic success and launched major reforms, in particular writing a new constitution, negotiating with the Kurdistan Workers? Party, passing four judicial reform packages, and installing an ombudsman. In sharp contrast, the AKP?s exclusive reliance on its election victories for legitimacy … Read more