Eurosphere agenda: As “World waits to see if Putin turns up…”The best of the memes…

World waits to see if Putin turns up  BBC News | Europe | World Edition The Moscow rumour mill is at full tilt Where has Putin been? The best of the memes  BBC News | Europe | World Edition The 10-day disappearance of Russian President Vladimir Putin led to the internet responding with an inevitable collection of … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Ukranians mobilize….

Revolution in Ukraine: Take three The main threat to the revolution comes not from Crimean separatism nor from far-right groups, writes Mykola Riabchuk. The biggest threat comes from within: from old habits and oldboy networks. New politicians are needed to avoid repeating the missed opportunities of 1991 and 2004. Mobilization. Ukrainians joining the military: Sentiment Analysis of … Read more

Putin emerges as the star of Syria talks, Turkish diplomacy the only warmonger… Syria updates…

Assad says chemical handover not result of US threat: Interfax Syria‘s decision to cede control of its chemical weapons was the result of a Russian proposal, not the threat of US military intervention or Turkey?s Leader, Syria?s War Worsens His Problems at Home Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has shied away from any unilateral action against … Read more

Putin in town. Not much expected over Syria. A FP roundup…

This file photo shows Russian President Putin (R) and Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan shaking hands after their talks at the Kremlin in Moscow on July 18. AP photo Russia willing to up winter gas flow to Turkey if requested from Hurriyet Daily News Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said on Sunday Russia … Putin Heads … Read more

Cengiz Aktar: Rus Restorasyonu, İkinci Perde

Geçen haftasonu Rusya?da Duma seçimleri vardı. Tıpkı Sovyet döneminde Komünist Partisi?nin seçimleri devamlı kazandığı gibi bugünkü Rusya?da da seçimleri Birleşik Rusya Partisi (BRP) kazanıyor. Tek fark Sovyet döneminde tek bir parti olmasıydı. BRP?nin 2007?deki Duma seçimlerindeki %64?lük oyu bu seçimde %50?ye düştü. Komünist Partisi oyunu %11?den 20?ye yükseltti. Medyatik faşist Jirinovski?nin, adıyla hiçbir rabıtası olmayan Liberal Demokratik … Read more