Eurosphere agenda: The most expensive cities in Europe: London and Copenhagen

Soft or hard Brexit: do the UK’s political parties know what they want? open Democracy News Analysis – by Kirsty Hughes On the single market, Labour, the Tories, and UKIP, appear to agree: good access to the single market not membership of it – in disagreement with the SNP, LibDems and Greens. Scottish Independence activists take … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Google Program to Deradicalize Jihadis then to be used for Right-Wing American Extremists…Twitter Emojis for 2016 Paralympic Games

Google Program to Deradicalize Jihadis Will Be Used for Right-Wing American Extremists Next  The Intercept by Naomi LaChance A Google-incubated program that has been targeting potential ISIS members with deradicalizing content will soon be used to target violent right-wing extremists in North America, a designer of the program said at an event at the Brookings Institution … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Fact-checking and Facebook Live on covering EU Referendum…

What if? Security consequences of Brexit and Trident renewal open Democracy News Analysis – by Rebecca Johnson If David Cameron survives the result of the EU referendum, he may try to rush Parliament into a vote on Trident renewal in July. What is at stake for Britain’s security? Fact-checking and Facebook Live: How publishers are covering the … Read more

Eurosphere agenda:

Hoax map’ fights migrant myths BBC News | Europe | World Edition Online map highlights false stories and rumours about migrants in Germany. Press conference: DiEM25 launched by Yanis Varoufakis and Srecko Horvat open Democracy News Analysis – by Srećko Horvat and Yanis Varoufakis The Democracy in Europe Movement 25 was launched by Yanis Varoufakis at the Volksbühne in Berlin … Read more

A civilizational difference: Turkey fans vs. British fans… #ParisAttacks

Turkey fans boo minute’s silence for Paris victims – Nov 17, 4:08 PM ISTANBUL Turkish fans booed during the minute’s silence for the victims of the Paris attacks before their national team drew 0-0 with Greece in a friendly international soccer game on Tuesday. The mark of respect was observed at matches across Turkey … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: European Commission Turkey Progress Report- “Key findings of the 2015 report on Turkey

Full document here European Commission – Fact Sheet Key findings of the 2015 report on Turkey Brussels, 10 November 2015 2015 enlargement package The report on Turkey is part of the 2015 enlargement package adopted today by the European Commission. The Report highlights that the EU and Turkey continued to enhance cooperation in the areas … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Germany to take 7,200 refugees a day…

Germany to take 7,200 refugees a day After a prolonged period of uncertainty, there are now clear rules and regulations in place. Germany is now ready to take 7,200 refugees a day via five fixed, official crossing points. Cameron to Deliver Strongest Warning of U.K. Exit From EU Newsweek Columnists: Christopher Dickey LONDON (Reuters) – British … Read more

As Turkey continues to arrest Kurdish politicians, new Freedom of Expression Violation Verdicts by ECHR…

Two Freedom of Expression Violation Verdicts by ECHR  Bianet :: English The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that charges pressed against Günlük Evrensel newspaper writers Ahmet Sami Belek and Savaş Velioğlu, and Müdür Duman from HADEP are violation of freedom of expression and condemned Turkey to indemnity. ECHR fines Turkey over conviction of journalists … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Tsipras presents reform plan… Russia’s entry ban…

Obesity map of Europe (Update: and America)  Boing Boing by Rob Beschizza If Turkey and Britain are the happiest nations in Europe, maybe this is why! Read the rest MAIN FOCUS: Tsipras presents reform plan | 04/06/2015 euro|topics Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday presented a reform plan that he describes as realistic. According to media reports, … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Looking at Blatter’s defensive positions and arguments… He might have some gone thru some Turkification….

Blatter ‘victim of a conspiracy’  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Fifa president Sepp Blatter is the victim of a conspiracy from “behind the scenes”, his daughter tells the BBC, amid a corruption crisis. FIFA’s Blatter slams US action, Europe ’hate’ campaign FIFA leader Sepp Blatter said May 30 he was “shocked” at the way … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “EU officials mull military action to stop migrants

Populism in Europe: a primer open Democracy News Analysis – by Cas Mudde EU President Herman van Rompuy has called populism “the greatest danger for Europe”. But what exactly is populism? And why are EU leaders feeling so threatened by it? EU officials mull military action to stop migrants  AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) Destroying boats used … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Conservatives win in UK, Not to sad for Labor whom once led by a war mongerer, Blair…

The David Cameron story  BBC News | Europe | World Edition What factors got David Cameron to the top? PM selects his first Tory cabinet  BBC News | Europe | World Edition David Cameron is spending the weekend deciding the make-up of his first all-Conservative cabinet after his party won a majority for the first time since … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Thousands across Europe protest against TTIP…”Another refugee tragedy in the Mediterranean…

Thousands across Europe protest against TTIP Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Europe on Saturday (18 April) to oppose what could be the world’s biggest free trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the US and European Union. MAIN FOCUS: Another refugee tragedy in the Mediterranean | 20/04/2015  euro|topics What is … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Herve Falciani, the whistleblower…Merkel and Obama discussing arms supplies for Ukraine…

  Hero? Thief? Who is Herve Falciani?  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Who is HSBC whistleblower Herve Falciani? COP 21 negotiations kick off in Geneva The representatives of over 190 countries met in Geneva on Sunday (8 February) to continue talks on a UN-level agreement to tackle climate change. This marathon of international negotiations … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: German President says Germans ‘should welcome’ refugees

Germans ‘should welcome’ refugees  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Germany’s President uses his Christmas message to urge Germans to welcome refugees amid growing support for an anti-Islam group. Israel, Palestine and the European Union Ideas on Europe by Jon Danzig This month UCL student and blogger, Lewis Barber, wrote an article for the Jerusalem Post … Read more

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