Cyberculture agenda: #Ferguson and the power of a free Internet

The Ferguson Army: A song by Jonathan ‘Song a Day’ Mann  Boing Boing Ferguson and the power of a free Internet Nieman Journalism Lab by Caroline O’Donovan In a piece posted to The Message collection on Medium today, University of North Carolina professor Zeynep Tufekci reveals how issues of net neutrality are altering the news coming out … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Piratebox 1.0: anonymous, go-anywhere wireless file-sharing… “Advanced Socialbots Have Infiltrated Twitter

Piratebox 1.0: anonymous, go-anywhere wireless file-sharing  Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow Piratebox, a great project for making standalone wireless fileservers, has gone 1.0. The 1.0 has a slick 4chan-style message board, a responsive UI, and does UPnP discovery for your file-sharing needs. Combined with cheap wireless gear and a little battery, it’s a perfect file-sharing boxlet that you … Read more

İnternet güvenliğinizle ilgili çevrimiçi araçlardan seçmeler… #internetimeDokunma

[Parça parça yayınladığım araçlar dizisini toplu halde burada bulabilirsiniz:] Temel bir kaynak olarak Kem Gözlere Şiş projesine bakmalısınız. Ayrıca Korsan Partinin araç serisine de bakabilirsiniz.  Anonim web kullanımı için Tor mutlaka kullanılmalıdır. Tor kullanan Pirate Browser tarayıcı iyi gider. Pirate Bay’in hediyesi olan bu tarayıcı büyük Torrent sitelerine de link veriyor. Mesele DNS değiştirmenin ötesine geçiyor olsa … Read more

Inside Anonymous…Why Facebook Is Teaching Its Machines to Think Like Humans..Cyberculture roundup…

RedHack and Anonymous Team Up for November 5 Protests See on ? #SistemiİşgalEt November 5 is a symbolic date on which hacktivists and activists from all over the world plan on protesting and marching for various causes. RedHack a? GAIA: Global Alliance for Immediate Alteration?s insight: ovember 5 is a symbolic date on which … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Four LulzSec hackers jailed…. Pirate Bay Co-Founder to Run For European Parliament… Google I/O Keynote

Four LulzSec hackers have been jailed for up to 32 months each by a UK court Four members of the notorious LulzSec hacker group have been sentenced in London today following a number of high-profile hacks and DDoS attacks affecting companies such as Sony Pictures, PBS and in 2011 and 2012. Lulzsec?s Topiary: The … Read more

Google show yesterday…and a cyberculture roundup..

Nexus Q media streaming ball from Boing Boing by Rob Beschizza   Google Gives Apple a Lesson in Showmanship by Chris Taylor It?s Not an Entertainment Gadget, It?s Google’s Bid to Control the Future from Wired Top Stories by Fred Vogelstein Google’s Nexus Q is not just a gleaming, consumer electronics device. It’s also Google’s … Read more

for the record, LulzSec frontman Sabu was probably an informant.. more on LulzSec crackdown and a cyberculture roundup…

LulzSec frontman Sabu was FBI informant, fed Stratfor docs to Wikileaks from an FBI-owned computer by Xeni Jardin The Guardian has more on the big hacking news which Fox News broke yesterday (as noted in a post by Rob). “Sabu,” the trash-talking, self-appointed leader of LulzSec, has been working for the FBI for the last … Read more

alleged Topiary of LulzSec bailed… a cyberculture roundup..

Teenager said to be LulzSec?s Topiary bailed by Rob Beschizz a Photo: Tim Bradshaw of the Financial Times. Jake Davis, the 18-year-old Briton accused by police of being Lulz Security spokestweeter Topiary, is out on bail. Paul Sawers writes: French copyright enforcers: ?Pirates are big spenders on legit content? by Cory Doctorow HADOPI, the French … Read more

A LulzSec interview, Anonymous attacks on NATO, Google & Facebook in lobbying spree and more… A Cyberculture roundup…

A passion for change – LulzSec interview, Ryan Gallagher from open Democracy News Analysis – by Ryan Gallagher A rare and candid interview conducted with Topiary, founding member of LulzSec and self-described ?captain of the Lulz Boat? ? on becoming involved in hacktivism, fighting extortion claims, donating to Wikileaks, revolution, and the US government From … Read more

Speaking of privacy, Murdoch’s daily shows old media is not better than new media… A cyberculture roundup…

Advertisers Announce Boycott of UK Tabloid on Twitter by Todd Wasserman MAIN FOCUS: Hacking scandal compromises Murdoch | 08/07/2011 from euro|topics Rupert Murdoch’s US-based concern News Corp on Thursday announced the closure of the British tabloid News of the World. Journalists on the newspaper have been accused among other things of hacking into the telephones … Read more

Google tries again with a new social media tool; LulzSec Shuts Down and more…

Anonymous takes over as LulzSec sails off into sunset by Xeni Jardin Illustration: Rob Beschizza. As noted on Boing Boing over the weekend, LulzSec has called it quits, amid increasing efforts by the FBI and other agencies to track them down?and amid a and leaked IRC logs by hacker foes. One LulzSec member told the … Read more

brief portrayals of LulzSec and Anonymous by PC magazine and a cyberculture roundup..

LulzSec? Anonymous? Know Your Hackers PC Magazine More recently, the group made headlines for going after security firm HBGary Federal, companies that cut ties with Wikileaks, and Sony. Anonymous attacked HBGary’s site on February 6, days after CEO Aaron Barr told the Financial Times that he knew and Hackers claim CIA website disruption Financial Times … Read more