From Twitter Transparency Report to ECHR records, Turkey tops rights violation…

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has fined Turkey for dismissing lawsuits filed by victims of a 1999 earthquake against contractors of buildings that collapsed in the quake that killed tens of thousands of people in northwestern Turkey
In the Immigration and Humanitarian Aid Foundation Juvenile Right Violations Report, it has been stated that 6,417 children have been subjected to right violation, 703 of these children have lost their lives, 1,081 others wounded.
Peace Block has stated that the injured persons in Cizre had to die while waiting to be taken to hospital and demanded putting whoever is responsible for the crime on trial and responding to the accusations regarding chemical weapons.
Turkey has the right to conduct operations not only in Syria but also any other place in which there are terrorist organizations that target Turkey, said President Erdoğan

The destruction of Sur: is this historic district a target for gentrification?

More than 30,000 residents have fled the Kurdish-dominated World Heritage Site in Turkey. With the PM promising to ‘rebuild Sur like Toledo’, some see links between the government’s military operations and its regeneration plans

Like ants toting food back to the colony, the families streaming out of Diyarbakir’s old city on a recent sunny afternoon tended to move in single file. They carried boxes, bags and beds on their heads and babies in their arms, hauled luggage and carts, and the occasional piece of furniture.

Turkey has summoned the top U.S. diplomat in order to protest Washington’s latest statement that refused to call the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union (PYD) a “terrorist” organization
Journalists in the second group of News Watch have met with Diyarbakır Bar Deputy President, Ahmet Özmen and Bar Administrative Board members.
Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoğlu has lashed out at the United Nations after it demanded the country open its borders to tens of thousands of more Syrian refugees, accusing it of being “two-faced.”
Norwegian journalist Silje Kampesæte has not been granted work permit in Turkey, the newspaper has stated that the last time they experienced such a thing was in 1971 in USSR.
Kurdish groups in Syria on Feb. 10 opened a representation in Moscow amid a push by the Kremlin to have them included in Syria peace talks despite Turkey’s objections
The United Nations’ demand from Turkey to open its border to tens of thousands of Syrian refugees massed on its border has prompted a stern response from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who accused the world body of being ineffective over the refugee crisis and not shouldering the burden like Turkey
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said support for Kurdish militants fighting the Islamic State had helped turn the region into “a sea of blood.”

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