#EuroSphere- “Swimming lessons obligatory for Muslim girls..; “EU to debate legal status of robots…

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that Muslim girls must take part in mixed school swimming lessons before they reach puberty. With this ruling the court rejected a complaint brought by Muslim parents living in Switzerland. Commentators welcome the decision but warn that its significance shouldn’t be overstated.
Muslim parents in Switzerland cannot refuse to send their daughters to mixed school-run swimming lessons, Europe’s rights top court ruled Tuesday (10 January), responding to a challenge by a Turkish-Swiss couple who argued the classes violated their beliefs.
EU to debate legal status of robots

An EU report lays out a set of rules for how humans interact with robots and artificial intelligence.
As the EU enters a period of uncertainty with elections in France and Germany, and the UK initiating a process to leave the bloc, the prime minister of Malta, whose government holds the six-month presidency of the EU until June, promised on Wednesday (11 January) to align results with the concerns of EU citizens.
As Erasmus turns 30, politicians and teachers have called for a massive increase to the programme’s funding. Hugely popular and undeniably successful, Erasmus is currently accessible to just 7% of young people.
Targeting Soros

Hungary’s centre-right government is criticised for attacking non-government organisations.

Cypriot leaders press on with peace deal bid

Rival Cypriot leaders returned to the negotiating table Tuesday (10 January) to press on with a bid to end their country’s 42-year-old division, but hopes of a deal hung in the balance.
The Southern Gas Corridor, pipeline interconnectors and LNG terminals, particularly in the northeast, have slowly but steadily been weakening Russia’s pipeline hegemony, writes Agnia Grigas.

EU liberals refuse to unite with Italy Five Star Eurosceptics

Europe’s liberal ALDE bloc rejects unity with Italy’s powerful anti-establishment Five Star party (M5S).

Germany’s AfD divided over Marine Le Pen meeting

Far-right parties are planning to launch a joint anti-EU campaign, but their attempt at a show of unity has highlighted differences within Germany’s anti-system AfD.
Moment of truth

As peace talks between Cyprus’ leaders progress, can people there forget the wounds of the past?

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