EFD Rights Watch: SPIEGEL interview with Can and Dilek Dündar…

Exiled Turkish Journalist Can Dündar and His Wife: ‘I Didn’t Want To Be in the Hands of Erdogan Anymore’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE – International SPIEGEL ONLINE – Maximilian Popp – Jul 20, 3:29 AM Can Dündar, 58, was the editor-in-chief of the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet. After publishing an article about the Turkish secret service providing weapons … Read more

Image of an Era: Four exiles in London

Barbaros Şansal shared this photo recently on Twitter. 4 Turkish exiles of high caliber met in London. A fashion designer and activist, an actor and two journalists. 
‏@barbarosansalfn: “The Team in London 👍🇬🇧 @memetalialabora @Besser_Deniz @candundaradasi
Let’s how this goes:

BBC News – Mark Lowen – Mar 20, 4:26 AM

It begins with dramatic music, edited in for effect. Then stills of the manifesto posted by the gunman in New Zealand before his terror attack, highlighting and translating the sections targeting Turkey. The video streamed live by the attacker

Erdoğan in Germany, accuses a journalist of being an agent…

After continuously accusing German leaders, he seems to be economically so stressed that he had to and talk economics with Merkel… Erdogan’s Charm Offensive in Germany is More Offensive Than Charm NYT > Turkey by By KATRIN BENNHOLD  / A three-day state visit by the Turkish president was supposed to help repair relations. In just 24 hours, … Read more

Can Dündar’s journalism project (@Ozguruz_org) website blocked before news broadcasting…

Turkey’s press freedom woes worse than you think Stockholm Center for Freedom – Scf – Jan 25 Almost 300 journalists in Turkey, a member state of the Council of Europe and a candidate country to the European Union, are languishing behind bars or facing outstanding arrest warrants, a report released by the Stockholm Center for … Read more

International call on Turkish authorities to allow former Cumhuriyet editor’s wife to travel freely…

Int’l press organizations call on Turkish authorities to allow former Cumhuriyet editor’s wife to travel freely Two international press organizations have called on Turkish authorities to return the passport of Dilek Dündar, the wife of former daily Cumhuriyet editor-in-chief Can Dündar, after she was banned from traveling abroad on Sept. 3 In the mean time, 50 Politicians … Read more

After being continously targeted by Turkish authorities, Can Dündar escapes an attempted shooting…

As the verdict in his trial is due very shortly, Can Dündar is targeted again. This time deadly. @globalfreemedia https://t.co/sugL4d4zdm — Gülsin Harman (@gulsinharman) May 6, 2016   Can Dundar says the gunman shouted "traitor" and fired two shots at him as he was waiting court verdict https://t.co/fbSEYDCmRJ — Emma Sinclair-Webb (@esinclairwebb) May 6, 2016 … Read more

Turkish politics gets nasty again: PM Davutoğlu “unfollows” Kılıçdaroğlu, main opposition leader, in Twitter…

During the day, Kılıçdaroğlu harshly criticized AKP  leadership on corruption, the latter took it too personal, started a Twitter hashtag campaign (with the help of bots again, it seems) and in the mean time, Davutoğlu was so angry that he unfollowed Kılıçdaroğlu… News in Turkish here In other news:  Prisons in Turkey run over capacity as prisoner … Read more

Meanwhile in Turkey: “Turkish man arrested for ‘insulting president, PM’ on emergency line…

Turkish man arrested for ‘insulting president, PM’ on emergency line A man was arrested on March 30 in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa after calling a police line and insulting a number of public officials, including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu Local court applies to Turkey’s top court to annul article on … Read more

Turkey continues to attack YPG forces for the third day…

Perinçek: AK Party rule best period of my life Today’s Zaman Doğu Perinçek, the Workers’ Party (İP) leader who was given a life sentence in 2013 as part of a trial concerning the Ergenekon terrorist organization, has said that he is enjoying the best period of his life because he believes that faith-based .. Gov’t must inform … Read more

Journalism agenda: #HaberNöbeti- In solidarity with journalists under threat “8 Journalists Head for Diyarbakır Wednesday for News Watch…

8 Journalists Head for Diyarbakır Wednesday for News Watch  Bianet :: English News Watch organized by journalists to act in solidarity with their colleagues working in cities under curfew begins tomorrow. OSCE slams severe charges against prominent journalists The severe charges against journalists Can Dündar and Erdem Gül could further increase the already critical pressure that opposing … Read more

Can Dündar piece at the Guardian: “I revealed the truth about President Erdogan and Syria. For that, he had me jailed

I revealed the truth about President Erdogan and Syria. For that, he had me jailed | Can Dündar World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk by Can Dündar Turkey’s regime not only smuggled guns into Syria, it used ‘state security’ as an excuse to imprison the journalists who reported itIn Turkey, a debate as old as government itself … Read more

Here is the list of journalists in Jail in Turkey (25 Dec 2015)

Source: Bianet Adı Soyadı Çalıştığı Basın Kuruluşu Aldığı Ceza Adresi 1 Beritan Canözer JİNHA İddianamesi hazırlanmadı. Beritan Canözer Diyarbakır E Tipi Kapalı Cezaevi 5 Nisan Mah. Emek Cad. Diyarbakır E Tipi Kapalı Cik Bağlar/Diyarbakır 2 Zeki Karakuş Nisebim.com İddianamesi hazırlanmadı. Zeki Karakuş Mardin E Tipi Kapalı Cezaevi Evren Mh., 47100 Mardin Merkez/Mardin 3 Ali Konar … Read more

Journalist jailer, Book censorer Turkey ranks 72th in Human Development Index…

CPJ: 199 Journalists in Prison, 14 From Turkey Bianet :: English According to a report of the Committee to Protect Journalists, 14 journalists out of 199 arrested journalists all over the world, are in prison in Turkey. Number of jailed journalists in Turkey ‘dramatically increases’ in 2015: CPJ report The number of journalists jailed in Turkey has … Read more

Dündar’ın savunmasının tam metni: Yalanları belgeleyeceğiz! #Tutuklandık #YarınlarGüzelOlsun

Dündar’ın savunmasının tam metni: Yalanları belgeleyeceğiz! “Benim görevim; halk adına devleti denetlemek, devlet hata yapıyorsa hükümet yanlış olaya bulaşmışsa kamu adına bunun hesabını sormaktır” Cumhuriyet gazetesinin Genel Yayın Yönetmeni Can Dündar ve Ankara Temsilcisi Erdem Gül, Adana’da durdurulan MİT TIR’larının içinde silah ve mühimmat bulunduğunu ortaya koyan belgeleri yayınladıkları nedeniyle “silahlı terör örgütüne üyelik, casusluk, devlet sırlarını ifşa etme” … Read more

#TurkeyElections aftermath: “Social media trolls of Turkey’s ruling AKP now seen as ‘reason for election failure’

The Guardian view on President Erdogan’s lies: an apology would be welcome | Editorial World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk Turkey’s leader has a worsening record on press freedom. There is no truth in his claims about this newspaper’s views on his country Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan likes to dish it out to the press. Last week … Read more