It is a shame: Unjustly imprisoned Kavala now portrayed as ‘villain’ in a TRT show

Turkey’s public broadcaster sparks controversy with new series portraying Kavala as ‘villain’   Turkey’s state-owned broadcaster has sparked controversy with its new series centered around Osman Kavala, a prominent businessperson and human rights advocate who has been imprisoned for nearly six years. Osman Kavala is a Turkish human rights defender and philanthropist who has been … Read more

Yet another reconfiguration in the ruling regime that may end up with the release of Osman Kavala (and maybe other political prisoners)

Birgün and some other dailies reported that Turkey’s High Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) is investigating those judges and prosecutors who were involved in the imprisonment of Mr. Kavala. This goes in line with AKP’s yet another new move on judiciary reform… Turkey’s pro-gov’t media smears Joe Biden’s family | Ahval Turkey’s Sabah newspaper, … Read more

Turkish judiciary roundup: “HRW & ICJ STATEMENT ON NEW INDICTMENT: ‘Second politically motivated trial for Osman Kavala’

HRW & ICJ STATEMENT ON NEW INDICTMENT: ‘Second politically motivated trial for Osman Kavala’ Bianet :: English Human Rights Watch (HRW) and International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) have released a statement about the second indictment brought against arrested businessperson Osman Kavala: “The second politically motivated trial for rights defender.” Upper court also rejects dismissed MP Berberoğlu’s appeal … Read more

Let’s continue to note: “Indictment against Osman Kavala ‘absurd’

Amnesty International: Indictment against Osman Kavala ‘absurd’ Bianet :: English “Kafkaesque is an overused cliché but in the case of Osman Kavala, it is chillingly apt,” Muiznieks has said. EP rapporteur calls new indictment against jailed Osman Kavala ‘outrageous’ The European Parliament’s Turkey rapporteur Nacho Sanchez Amor has said that the new indictment filed against jailed philanthropist … Read more

“Statement by Osman Kavala who is imprisoned for 1.000 days” and a judiciary roundup…

Osman Kavala Should be Released United States Department of State – Jul 27 As of this week, Turkish philanthropist and civil society leader Osman Kavala has spent 1,000 days in detention without being convicted of any crime. The United States underscores the importance of respecting international obligations and Statement by Osman Kavala who is imprisoned for 1.000 … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Seemingly Revenge justice against Canan Kaftancıoğlu… A “virtual opera” about Osman Kavala and his snails in prison…

  Osman Kavala, supporter of culture, human rights champion and bridge-builder, is approaching 1000 days in Turkey’s highest security prison on trumped-up charges. This lock-down opera film is an appeal to #FreeOsmanKavala Ask your friends to share #OsmanSnails U.S.-based documentarist produces “virtual opera” about Osman Kavala and his snails in prison U.S.-based documentary maker Robert Golden … Read more

Legal Travesty at so many levels. Osman Kavala re-arrested! #OsmanKavalayaÖzgürlük

Turkey issues NEW arrest warrant for defendant who was JUST acquitted & freed after spending 2 years in prison for NO REASON. He's now accused of charges related the coup attempt. Unbelievable. — Merve Tahiroglu (@MerveTahiroglu) February 18, 2020

“Turkey tops ECHR list in freedom of expression violations in 2019” as Osman Kavala kept prisoner…

Turkey tops ECHR list in freedom of expression violations in 2019 Duvar English by Didem Atakan Turkey ranked first regarding violations of freedom of expression in 2019, the European Court of Human Rights’ (ECHR) annual activity report revealed on Jan. 29. Among the total 68 judgements in which the court has found a violation of freedom of expression … Read more

“Osman Kavala Not Released Despite ECtHR Verdict of Right Violation #GeziTrial

GEZİ TRIAL: Osman Kavala Not Released Despite ECtHR Verdict of Right Violation Bianet :: English In the fourth hearing of Gezi trial held today, the court has ruled that the arrest of businessperson and rights defender Osman   Gezi Trial: Kavala Says Continuation of His Arrest ‘Damages Reputation of Judiciary’ Bianet :: English  “I hope that … Read more

Turkey’s Absurd Gezi Trial. A report by @POMED

Fact Sheet – Turkey’s Absurd Gezi Trial Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED) – Dec 9 December 24 is the next hearing in Turkey’s “Gezi” trial, in which 16 Turkish citizens—philanthropist Osman Kavala, along with civic activists, architects, actors, and a journalist—are preposterously accused of

Release Osman Kavala Immediately dammit!

Turkey: Free Osman Kavala Human Rights Watch – Dec 10, 6:50 AM (London) – The European Court of Human Rights ruled on December 10, 2019 that Osman Kavala, a civic leader, has been arbitrarily detained in Turkey since November 2017. The court said that his detention has been carried out and prolonged in   ECtHR: Release … Read more

Gezi Trial: Osman Kavala kept imprisoned…

Gezi Trial: Arrest of Kavala to Continue Bianet :: English The court has ruled that the Kavala’s arrest shall continue due to “suspicion of escape.” Turkish court rules to keep Kavala in prison in interim decision on Gezi trial | Ahval An Istanbul court on Tuesday ruled for the continuation of arrest for Turkish philanthropist Osman… … Read more

The trial of Osman Kavala starts tomorrow…

Turkey, the trial of Osman Kavala Lastest news – Osservatorio Balcani e Ca. The Turkish philanthropist Osman Kavala is in jail for more than 700 days. He’s accused of trying to overthrow the government and to have financed the Gezi Park protests in 2013. However, there is no convincing evidence against him Birthday Present for Osman Kavala from His Friends Bianet … Read more

Gezi Park Trial on June 24

Just a day after the İstanbul election re-run. Kavala and Aksakoğlu should be released under normal conditions. But you know, nothing is normal now and the palace is just too vengeful… Gezi Protest trial to begin on June 24 | Ahval The highly controversial trial of 16 individuals -actors, journalists, lawyers and activists- for HRW on Gezi … Read more

Campaign for Yiğit Aksakoğlu and Turkey’s other imprisoned civil society figures… #hadigelyigit

The campaign site for Yiğit Aksakoğlu here Turkey must release civil society figures | Amnesty International Osman Kavala, Yiğit Aksakoğlu and 14 other prominent civil society figures are facing life in prison after a court accepted an indictment against … Rights Groups and Bar Associations: Kavala and Aksakoğlu Should be Released Bianet :: English Releasing … Read more