“Macron, the Fifth Republic’s unusual eighth president” as once Globalizationists have a good news.

Macron, the Fifth Republic’s unusual eighth president EurActiv.com by Aline Robert Just one year after making his big political gamble, Emmanuel Macron was elected president of France with more than 65% of the vote on Sunday (7 May). EURACTIV France reports. [Investigation] Lessons for Germany from the Macron hack EUobserver.com – Headline News The way the Macron … Read more

#Europe agenda: “US alt-right joins Russia in anti-Macron attack [in French Elections]

US alt-right joins Russia in anti-Macron attack EUobserver.com – Headline News Right-wing US and UK social media users have tried to start an online “war” to stop Macron being elected, but with little success. Populism: The French election’s big winner AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) How outsider candidates threw the traditional left-right battle into disarray. Macron pushes republican … Read more

#Europe agenda: “Macron and Le Pen ‘through to run-off’ in French elections…

France elections: Macron and Le Pen ‘through to run-off’  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Projections see centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen facing off on 7 May. Who are Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron?  AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) The far-right female National Front leader will go head-to-head with the 39-year-old … Read more

#Europe agenda: the French presidential election roundup….

All you need to know BBC News | Europe | World Edition A quick guide to the French presidential election – said to be the least predictable in decades. Will France’s next president be innovative? EurActiv.com by Stephen Boucher France’s election is a test-bed for democratic renewal. However, without a more coherent understanding of how to be … Read more

#Europe agenda: “Romania justice minister quits over corruption bill protests….

Romania confidence vote falls but more protests planned BBC News | Europe | World Edition   A confidence vote fails but the government faces more protests over moves to relax corruption measures. Romania justice minister quits over corruption bill protests BBC News | Europe | World Edition   The scrapped decree would have shielded many politicians from … Read more

#Eurosphere agenda: “Martin Schulz’s rapid rise…

Martin Schulz’s rapid rise from Brussels man to chancellor candidate EurActiv.com by Albrecht Meier   Martin Schulz is known in Germany mainly as a European politician and an ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel. But later this year they will face off in the country’s leadership race. Trump will be a gift to Europe’s lost unity EurActiv.com by … Read more

#EuroSphere- “Swimming lessons obligatory for Muslim girls..; “EU to debate legal status of robots…

Debate: Swimming lessons obligatory for Muslim girls euro|topics   The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that Muslim girls must take part in mixed school swimming lessons before they reach puberty. With this ruling the court rejected a complaint brought by Muslim parents living in Switzerland. Commentators welcome the decision but warn that its … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Polish protesters block parliament over press freedom…

Polish protesters block parliament over press freedom  BBC News | Europe | World Editio   Crowds blockade the Polish parliament in Warsaw in a protest over press freedom. Italy: President names Paolo Gentilo new prime minister  AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH)   Following Matteo Renzi’s resignation over referendum defeat, foreign minister is tasked with forming a new … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Geert Wilders found guilty of hate speech…

Manuel Valls: Tough-talker with French presidential ambitions EurActiv.com When two journalists published the book ‘A President Shouldn’t Say That’ which quotes François Hollande disparaging judges, insulting footballers and revealing state secrets, Prime Minister Manuel Valls could not hide his “shame” and “anger”. Geert Wilders hits back at guilty verdict BBC News | Europe | World Edition A … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Pirate Party asked to try to form government in Iceland…

Iceland election: Pirate Party asked to try to form government BBC News | Europe | World Edition Iceland’s Pirate Party is asked by the president to try to form a new government, after snap elections. France presidency: Francois Hollande decides not to run again  BBC News | Europe | World Edition In a surprise move Francois Hollande … Read more