Bu gece Erkan’s Field Diary 10. yıldönümünü kutluyoruz! #EFD10Yaşında

Evet durum bu… Bekleriz… Ciddi birşey beklemeyin. Eğlenmeye gidiyoruz. Türkiye İnternet aleminin bazı isimleri de arzı endam edebilir… Gelmeyeni silebilirim. Twitter etiketi: #EFD10Yaşında Facebook event sayfası: https://www.facebook.com/events/241990562669429/  

The whole world watching Ankara…. Police intervenes citizens… as usual.

And in so many districts opposition parties demand re-voting against AKP led election frauds…. All Together:   Crowdsourcing vote recounts   Hundreds volunteered at the main opposition CHP’s headquarters in Ankara to comb through the official voting database amid widespread fraud allegations Police fire water cannon in Turkish capital at election protest http://reut.rs/1fkCx55  pic.twitter.com/T6utvguK0k @occupybarcelona @USILive … Read more

Clashes in Amed (Diyarbakır) now after #Gever killings protest

Not exactly clashes but more like police intervention… @bdpgenclik2013 via @mergesor   BDP Gençlik Meclisi @bdpgenclik2013 4 taraftan saldıran kolluk kuvvetleri ve #Amed halkı…. #direnAmed pic.twitter.com/EmCun0dqJX      

Bazı sosyal ağlar ve Timelines (Zaman tüneli/çizelgeler)- Çevrimiçi Araçlar 4. Bölüm

[çevrimiçi araçlar serisinin 3. bölümü Bulut/ Depolama Seçenekleri idi. İlk iki bölüm: 1) Amme hizmetlerine devam: Akademisyenler için birkaç çevrimiçi araç? 2) Twitter araçları ] Sosyal ağlar ve Timelines (Zaman tüneli/çizelgesi)?ları Yalnızca içinde olduğumuz sosyal ağlardaki enformasyon akışını takip eden bir kullanıcı, bizzat geleneksel medya kaynaklarına bakmadan haber/bilgi edinmeyi sürdürebilir. Hatta çok daha geniş bir çeşitliliğe bile sahip olabilir. En çok … Read more

Here is the road to the Museum of Innocence from Istiklal Street (!).. and more images…

The photo credited to Hakan Kumuk University students who protested Turkish PM face 6 years in jail An Ankara prosecutor has demanded six years of imprisonment for the 45 university students who had protested against prime minister Taksim Square to have trees planted due to locals? demands, Istanbul Mayor Topbaş says Istanbul?s Taksim Square will have … Read more

Öğrencilerim için Twitter araçları…

İngilizce ve Türkçe çevrimiçi araçlar serilerimi şimdi parça parça yapmaya karar verdim. En son genel listeyi T24 için yapmıştım: Öğrencilerim için çevrimiçi araçlar Aşağıdaki liste yalnızca Twitter araçları üzerine yoğunlaşıyor. Bazı web hizmetleri Twitter dışında da kullanılabilir. Başka bölümlerde yeniden adlarını verebilirim ama şimdilik Twitter üzerinden gidelim. Aşağıdaki liste tabi ki en doğru liste olamaz. … Read more

Bu akşamki (23 Temmuz) @SosyalKafa @Cafenetd

  NSF/PRISM skandalı bağlamında dijital gözetim meseleleri ana konumuz olacak. Edward Snowden’ın konumunu da tartışacağız. Tartışmaya Marmara Üniversitesi Bilgisayar Müh. Bölümü / Alternatif Bilişim Derneği’nden Doç. Dr. Melih Kırlıdoğ gelecek. Ayrıca Ömer Atakoğlu ve Orkut Murat Yılmaz da katkıda bulunacak. Ömer Atakoğlu (Alternatif bilişim/ nemedya eşkurucu / aktivist) (twitter.com/omeratakoglu) ile Drupal yazılımı üzerinde de duracağız. Programın son bölümünde … Read more

20:00 Police forces intervene peaceful demonstrations in Taksim- again. #OccupyTurkey #OccupyGezi

  via @sahinyalcin Probably undercovers with sticks… via: captaintheouz  Eli sopalı insanlara polisler müdahale etmiyor ve telefonla destek çağırıyorlar #DirenGezi #GEZIBUGUNHALKIN pic.twitter.com/fSaGxRTP75 via @sincapcop

Cyberculture roundup: Facebook IPO, World?s first Wikipedia town and more..

Monmouthpedia: The World?s first Wikipedia town, is set to go live from The Next Web by Jamillah Knowles The Internet of things is becoming easier to grasp as household appliances, pot plants and other objects are connected to the Internet to let us know more about them or update on environmental changes. Though the appearance … Read more

Google tries again with a new social media tool; LulzSec Shuts Down and more…

Anonymous takes over as LulzSec sails off into sunset by Xeni Jardin Illustration: Rob Beschizza. As noted on Boing Boing over the weekend, LulzSec has called it quits, amid increasing efforts by the FBI and other agencies to track them down?and amid a and leaked IRC logs by hacker foes. One LulzSec member told the … Read more

brief portrayals of LulzSec and Anonymous by PC magazine and a cyberculture roundup..

LulzSec? Anonymous? Know Your Hackers PC Magazine More recently, the group made headlines for going after security firm HBGary Federal, companies that cut ties with Wikileaks, and Sony. Anonymous attacked HBGary’s site on February 6, days after CEO Aaron Barr told the Financial Times that he knew and Hackers claim CIA website disruption Financial Times … Read more

New PEW report: Global Publics Embrace Social Networking

Global Publics Embrace Social Networking Computer and Cell Phone Usage Up Around the World Another report: Generations 2010 by Kathryn Zickuhr Generation Y Likes Facebook More Than Television from All Facebook by Jackie Cohen If you have deja vu seeing statistics like these, join the club: Some 81 percent of affluent Generation Y adults logs … Read more

“Who?s Suing Whom” in Cyberworld?

Who?s Suing Whom? from Daily Bits by noemi Lawsuits are so common these days that no one pays attention to them anymore. But, did you have an idea about the extent of pending lawsuits in the mobile industry? We hear about one company suing another for patent infringement all the time, but I doubt that … Read more

Danah Boyd int. in the Guardian, Facebook and activism and more..

One of the most prominent scholar on youth and social networking sites, Danah Boyd, is interviewed in the Guardian..

Danah Boyd: ‘People looked at me like I was an alien’

Microsoft researcher Danah Boyd talks about social networking, young people and how the web is more private than your home

What the New Facebook Privacy Rules Mean for Activists

from DigiActive.org by Mary Joyce

Yesterday Facebook enacted a new set of privacy rules, the purpose of which is to expand the information which all users share, making it ?easier for you to find and connect with the people you?re looking for.?  However, according to a great analysis by the  Electronic Frontier Foundation:

4G network comes to Scandinavia

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Swedish and Norwegian mobile users could be among the first to use a fourth-generation (4G) mobile network.

Translated.by: crowdsourced volunteer translations to Eastern Euro languages

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

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While Turkish authorities attempt to increase control on Internet, they will face European court on YouTube ban!

Someone should advise the government about the nature of web. In fact, the ruling party invests more on the web campaigns than all other ones. But in case of governmentality issues related to web, I haven’t seen any innovative ideas so far… Despite AKP’s great attempts on democratization, nothing happens on the Web scene. Unfortunately, it is quiet conservative when it comes to Web.

There have recently been two news about what Turkish authorities are up to: to create a Google rival and to start an email surveillance from the birth (all news below). While they play with these idiotic plans, a group of Turkish internet users had a creative idea and decided to take to YouTube ban to ECHR. Congratulations! I will try to get news about those users soon.

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