Journalism agenda: 5 of the biggest fake news stories from 2016 according to Mashable….

5 of the biggest fake news stories from 2016 Mashable! by Gianluca Mezzofiore   We live in a ‘post-truth’ era, or at least according to Oxford Dictionaries which named it ‘word of the year’ in its annual poll. Tip: Bookmark this list of affordable 360-degree cameras   If you want to get started with 360-degree photos … Read more

“Selfie” is the word of the year… US Government Embraces Bitcoin in Hearing on Virtual Currency… Cyberculture agenda…

And the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year Is … ‘Selfie’ Oxford Dictionaries announced “Selfie” as the international Word of the Year 2013, noting its frequency in the English language has increased by 17,000% since last year   The Online Dating Engine that Assesses Your Taste In the Opposite Sex (And Whether They Find You … Read more

While Turkish authorities attempt to increase control on Internet, they will face European court on YouTube ban!

Someone should advise the government about the nature of web. In fact, the ruling party invests more on the web campaigns than all other ones. But in case of governmentality issues related to web, I haven’t seen any innovative ideas so far… Despite AKP’s great attempts on democratization, nothing happens on the Web scene. Unfortunately, it is quiet conservative when it comes to Web.

There have recently been two news about what Turkish authorities are up to: to create a Google rival and to start an email surveillance from the birth (all news below). While they play with these idiotic plans, a group of Turkish internet users had a creative idea and decided to take to YouTube ban to ECHR. Congratulations! I will try to get news about those users soon.

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"Wim Wenders closing speech – I'm talking about us, Europeans!


And now there’s a T-shirt to prove it. Hiney shirts at CafePress

Founs in H1N1: It’s Pronounced “Hiney”

Wim Wenders closing speech – I’m talking about us, Europeans!

from LabforCulture Blog

Closing speech by Wim Wenders, President of the European Film Academy, during the European Culture Forum.

The speech was read out by EFA director Ms Döring, and is available for download as a PDF on the European Commission website.

A few months ago, the European Film Academy organised a think tank dedicated to “THE IMAGE OF EUROPE”.


The think tank took place under the patronage of the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, who actually joined us on that occasion and took a very active and very outspoken part in it.

and Erkan’s rounup of interesting things from the web:

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