After claims of hacked emails, Turkish polices make arrests of alleged #RedHack members including #TaylanKulaçoğluYalnızDeğildir

Redhack Twitter account yesterday declared that it hacked a huge bundle of emails that belonged to Berat Albayrak, minister of Energy and also son-in-law of President Erdoğan. After releasing a few emails that were allegedly belonging to Mr. Albayrak, Redhack stated that they would release all by Monday if leftist activists were not released.  Turkish State’s response was … Read more

E-Kitabımız çıktı: Hack Kültürü ve Hacktivizm

PDF İndir | LaTex İndir Işık Mater cep telefonlarında okunabilecek bir versiyon hazırladı burada: Özgür Uçkan hoca da Kindle e-reader’lar için mobi dosyası yapmış: Ahmet Sabancı bir blog postu hazırladı:   Bir yıl önce gerçekleştirdiğimiz HackCon I etkinliği oldukça verimli tartışmalara vesile oldu. Her toplantıda olduğu gibi, süre kısıtı nedeniyle sözler biraz eksik kaldı. Bu kitap yarım … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Pirate Bay’s 10th year gift… NSA by the numbers…HTTPS Hackable In 30 Seconds

The Pirate Bay launched its own PirateBrowser last week. Here?s how it works The Pirate Bay celebrated 10 years of managing to keep itself online (as much to its own surprise, as anyone else?s) on Friday, and to mark the occasion, it released a special Web browser based on Firefox that includes a bundled Tor … Read more

Cyerculture roundup: Yahoo now acquires Rockmelt… Snowden gets a temporary asylum…

Russia faces US fury over Snowden asylum Russia faces fury from the United States after granting asylum to fugitive intelligence leaker Edward Snowden   MAIN FOCUS: Bradley Manning sent to prison | 01/08/2013 A US military court on Tuesday found Wikileaks informer Bradley Manning guilty on almost all charges, including leaking classified information. However he … Read more

So did Anonymous hacked MOSSAD along with RedHack and Sektor 404 or not?

Anonymous claims Mossad hack; experts not convinced Infosecurity Magazine The Mossad hack was first announced via Twitter, with comments from @YourAnonNews such as ?NOW: #RedHack and #Anonymous engaging Israel, releasing dox on govt officials, military, police and politicians. #OpIsrael?, and ?Mossad Hacked by   Anonymous, RedHack breach Mossad servers, hackers claim GlobalPost (blog) RedHack, a … Read more

The hacker group Redhack shows that you need to know how to Google to access some Internal Affairs Ministry documents…

Here they explain in Turkish… News in Turkish

Anonymous hacks MIT in tribute to Aaron Swartz #PDFtribute

Anonymous Hacks MIT, Leaves Farewell Message for Aaron Swartz from Mashable! by Stan Schroeder Anonymous hacks MIT web pages in tribute to Aaron Swartz from The Next Web by Josh Ong   MIT to Investigate its Role in Aaron Swartz Case from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick Aaron Swartz digital archive from Boing Boing by Cory … Read more

YÖK vs. Redhack. Haberler derlemesine devam…

‘YÖK?ün görevi gazetecileri tehdit etmek değil iddialara cevap vermektir’ from Çağdaş Gazeteciler Derneği, RedHack tarafından ele geçirilen “gizli” belgeleri yayınlayan basın kuruluşlarını tehdit eden YÖK’ü kınadı.   Hacklenen belgelere ilişkin bir üniversite açıklaması daha from © MEDYATAVARedHack’in YÖK’ün bilgisayarlarını hackledikten sonra yayınlamay başladığı belgelere ilikin bir açıklama da Marmara Üniversitesi’nden geldi.   Redhack … Read more

YÖKleaks. @theredhack YÖK belgeleri haberleri

Hacklenen YÖK arşivinde yok yok Milliyet YÖK’ün sitesinde ise Hukuk Müşavirliği’nin klasörleri yer aldığı için korsanların eylemi,Türkiye’de ilk defa ?wikileaks? türü çok sayıda gizli damgalı dosyanın internet ortamında yayılması ile sonuçlanan bir siber saldırıya dönüştü. RedHack, yılbaşı   ‘RedHack’ yayınladı, üniversite ‘hibe’ açıklaması yaptı from İstanbul Üniversitesi, RedHack’in, YÖK’ün sitesini hackledikten sonra yayınladığı belgelerle … Read more

Turkish cybersphere roundup: More hacking activities while Turkish officials continue to attack internet…(news in Turkish & English)

Turkish cyber activists hack into milk firm websites over poisoning fiasco from Hurriyet Daily News Turkish cyber activist group RedHack hacked… Internet slows intellectual development in children, Turkish official says from Hurriyet Daily News Excessive Internet use harms the intellectual development of children, according to Professor Necdet Ünüvar, the head of the Parliamentary Commission on … Read more

RedHack hacked Ankara Police directorate.. Tivilog, a TV social network… news from Turkish cybersphere (in Turkish and in English)

RedHack Hacked Police Directorate from Bianet :: English RedHack hacked the POLNET police network and the Ankara Police Directorate and seized and published denunciations, complaints and other correspondence related to the worries of sensitive citizens.   Turkey?s Internet Tiger Shows Signs of Stirring by Acturca The Wall Street Journal Europe (USA) February 23, 2012, p. … Read more

“Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2012” and a cyberculture roundup: SOPA, Kopimism, internet access,

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2012 by Ernesto Which torrent sites get the most visitors at the start of 2012? At first glance little seems to have changed, as many of the sites in the top 10 have been among the top torrent sites for more than half a decade. But moving down … Read more

EFD end of the year posts: 2011 Boing Boing Charitable Giving Guide [instead of what Anonymous did (!)]….

Anonymous hacks US think tank with Christmas spirit from Hurriyet Daily News The loose-knit hacking movement ?Anonymous? claimed to have stolen thousands of credit card numbers and other personal information belonging to clients of U.S.-based security think tank Stratfor.   Boing Boing Charitable Giving Guide, 2011 edition by Cory Doctorow It’s time again for Boing … Read more

A LulzSec interview, Anonymous attacks on NATO, Google & Facebook in lobbying spree and more… A Cyberculture roundup…

A passion for change – LulzSec interview, Ryan Gallagher from open Democracy News Analysis – by Ryan Gallagher A rare and candid interview conducted with Topiary, founding member of LulzSec and self-described ?captain of the Lulz Boat? ? on becoming involved in hacktivism, fighting extortion claims, donating to Wikileaks, revolution, and the US government From … Read more

Speaking of privacy, Murdoch’s daily shows old media is not better than new media… A cyberculture roundup…

Advertisers Announce Boycott of UK Tabloid on Twitter by Todd Wasserman MAIN FOCUS: Hacking scandal compromises Murdoch | 08/07/2011 from euro|topics Rupert Murdoch’s US-based concern News Corp on Thursday announced the closure of the British tabloid News of the World. Journalists on the newspaper have been accused among other things of hacking into the telephones … Read more