New buzz in town: “The promises and problems of Mastodon, a Twitter alternative” #mastodonsocial

Mastodon – like Twitter, without Nazis Boing Boing by Mark Frauenfelder Sarah Jeong of Motherboard says Mastodon is a “kinder, nicer, decentralized open source version of Twitter.” I hope she’s right! (I’m frauenfelder at The promises and problems of Mastodon, a Twitter alternative Boing Boing by Mark Frauenfelder Intrigued by Mastodon, a new open-source alternative to … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: “Leading Economist Predicts a Bitcoin Backlash

  Google’s Quantum Computer in Limbo After Government Shutdown Google just barely dodged a bullet. The NASA team booted up their D-Wave Two just days before the federal government shutdown would have put a complete stop to the project. But with NASA and Ames almost completely shut down, it’s not exactly clear what’s happening with … Read more

U.S. Financial Regulator onto Bitcoin…Megaupload vs. US Gov’t… A guide to staying anonymous online..Linkedin is 10

U.S. Financial Regulator Considering Setting Rules for Bitcoin from Mashable! by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai   U.S. Govt. Attack on Megaupload Bears Hallmarks of ?Digital Gitmo? from TorrentFreak by Robert Amsterdam Digital Gitmo, by Robert Amsterdam New Zealand is celebrated worldwide for its human rights. Renowned as being the first country in the world to grant suffrage … Read more

While Pirate Bay Celebrates 9th Anniversary, a list of Top BitTorrent Countries In The World

Top BitTorrent Countries In The World, Top Torrent Towns In The UK from TorrentFreak by enigmax The Digital Music Index is a report produced by Musicmetric, a data and analytics company that maps the trends and preferences of music fans around the world. The data collated and crunched is then supplied to the music industry to … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Facebook IPO, World?s first Wikipedia town and more..

Monmouthpedia: The World?s first Wikipedia town, is set to go live from The Next Web by Jamillah Knowles The Internet of things is becoming easier to grasp as household appliances, pot plants and other objects are connected to the Internet to let us know more about them or update on environmental changes. Though the appearance … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Verisign hacked; Online Piracy Doesn?t Hurt Hollywood; Pinterest news…

?Occupy Valentine?s Day? Tumblr Protests the Romantic Industrial Complex from Mashable! by Christine Erickson   VeriSign, pillar of Internet security, hacked from Boing Boing by Mark Frauenfelder VeriSign Inc., the company responsible for assuring that more than half the world?s websites are authentic, was hacked multiple times in 2010, and the thieves succeeded in stealing … Read more

Digital Activism 101; Jailbreaking; Pinterest and Web Design; Hackers vs. Symantec/Oakland officials/Haditha docs/Syrian president; and more…

How Pinterest Is Changing Website Design Forever from Mashable! by Sarah Kessler Digital Activism 101: The 5 Activist Functions of Technology from The Meta-Activism Project by Mary C Joyce Digital Activism 101 is a series of posts introducing key concepts to students and activists. ???? From the revolutionaries of the Arab Spring and Occupy Movements … Read more

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