Cyberculture agenda: Twitter invests $10 million in Lab for Social Machines…

  Twitter invests $10 million in new MIT Laboratory for Social Machines  The Next Web by Josh Ong Twitter has announced a new academic partnership with MIT that includes a five-year $10 million commitment to a new Laboratory for Social Machines. Restrict Google Forms to only Allow One Entry Per Person Digital Inspiration Technology Blog by Amit … Read more

“Marissa Mayer?s first 300 days as Yahoo?s CEO… A cyberculture roundup…

Turnaround: Marissa Mayer?s first 300 days as Yahoo?s CEO Yahoo has been plagued by leadership changes among its C-level positions for years. Many of its CEOs have been struggling to find ways to either cut down on cost or innovate on products, but none appear to have been able to turn the company?s performance and … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: “The Life and Times of a TV Show Piracy Release Group”, CISPA behind closed doors…

CISPA Debate Will Happen Behind Closed Doors from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick     The Life and Times of a TV Show Piracy Release Group from TorrentFreak by Andy In recent decades TV shows have become woven into the lives of hundreds of millions of people but it?s only been during the last few years … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Majestic Mega launch, The Next Five Battles For Internet Freedom, from Crowdsourcing to Microtasking…

Mega hits 100,000 registered users in one hour as Kim Dotcom teases MPAA with ?MegaMovie? screenshot from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm Update: Mega crossed the 250,000 user mark and massive usage has brought the site to a crawl. So far, Mega has won the day. After calling Barack Obama out on Twitter, Kim … Read more

Iceland and her crowdsourced constitution. Latest news roundup

  Crowdsourcing Iceland’s Constitution New York Times (blog) REYKJAVIK ? Icelanders like to do it their way. Where else do you get to dine on minke whale and puffin and routinely address the prime minister by her first name? True to their tradition of doing things differently, Europe’s most sparsely populated   Finland’s Next Laws To Emerge … Read more

MediaShift report: Digital First? Print First? Both Should Work Together- A journalism roundup

Digital First? Print First? Both Should Work Together from MediaShift Let’s learn a lesson from the past. When the news first started going digital, that is when it started appearing on the World Wide Web and print saw it as a competitor that would give the product away for free. The digital prophets saw a … Read more

“Zeynep Merve’yi Edinburgh’a doktoraya göndermek [Send ZMU to Edinburgh]”. Bir kitle-kaynak fonlama projesi

Zeynep diyorki: Merhabalar, ismim Zeynep Merve. İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi Sinema-TV Bölümü’nde araştırma görevlisiyim. Akademik ilgi alanımlarımın başında belgesel yer alıyor. Özetle; belgeselde alternatif anlatılar üzerine hem teorik hem de pratik çalışmalar yapmaya çalışıyorum. Mayıs ayı sonunda Edinburgh Üniversitesi’ne yaptığım doktora başvurusunun* olumlu sonuçlandığını öğrendim. *Programın tam adı: The University of Edinburgh Trans-Disciplinary Documentary Film PhD … Read more

Google show yesterday…and a cyberculture roundup..

Nexus Q media streaming ball from Boing Boing by Rob Beschizza   Google Gives Apple a Lesson in Showmanship by Chris Taylor It?s Not an Entertainment Gadget, It?s Google’s Bid to Control the Future from Wired Top Stories by Fred Vogelstein Google’s Nexus Q is not just a gleaming, consumer electronics device. It’s also Google’s … Read more

Crowdsourcing Turkey’s constitution…

As I had previously mentioned, I and a group of graduate students from Bilgi U. Media Studies started a crowdsourcing project to contribute to the writing process of Turkey’s new constitution here. Using the very Wiki software, we try to give it a shot. There are several ongoing civilian projects for the new constitution. A … Read more

T24 yazısı: Açık Anayasa (@acikanayasa) projesinde son gelişmeler

Daha önce bahsettiğim kolektif anayasa projesini geçen hafta sonu kamuya açtık. Önümüzdeki günlerde projeden daha çok haberiniz olacaktır diye umuyorum. Birkaç gazeteyle görüşmelerimiz oldu. A Haber?den Hıdır Geviş de bizi Cumartesi gecesinde yayınlanan ?Benim Adım Hızır? adlı sosyal medya vurgulu programına davet etti. Biz çalışmaları sürdürürken Salih Kural projeyle ilgili güzel bir haber yapmış. Genelde çalakalem, aceleyle ya da copy-paste şeklinde yapılan … Read more

Need for a crowdsourcing software in writing Turkey’s new constitution…

A post to be developed more soon… My dear readers, with a group of determined graduate students, I have finally started a project on crowdsourcing Turkey’s new constitution. This was an idea developing since last summer when we were working on the election monitoring project… We are still in the brainstorming phase but we do … Read more

Digital Activism 101; Jailbreaking; Pinterest and Web Design; Hackers vs. Symantec/Oakland officials/Haditha docs/Syrian president; and more…

How Pinterest Is Changing Website Design Forever from Mashable! by Sarah Kessler Digital Activism 101: The 5 Activist Functions of Technology from The Meta-Activism Project by Mary C Joyce Digital Activism 101 is a series of posts introducing key concepts to students and activists. ???? From the revolutionaries of the Arab Spring and Occupy Movements … Read more

Free lectures from Michel Foucault; The Art of the Occupy Movement… and more..

United States: The Art of the Occupy Movement from Global Voices Online by Gina Cardenas This post is part of our special coverage #Occupy Worldwide. The creative cadre of the Occupy Wall Street movement envisions a world where people are free to express their ideas of freedom, equality, and outrage at the system of greed … Read more

alleged Topiary of LulzSec bailed… a cyberculture roundup..

Teenager said to be LulzSec?s Topiary bailed by Rob Beschizz a Photo: Tim Bradshaw of the Financial Times. Jake Davis, the 18-year-old Briton accused by police of being Lulz Security spokestweeter Topiary, is out on bail. Paul Sawers writes: French copyright enforcers: ?Pirates are big spenders on legit content? by Cory Doctorow HADOPI, the French … Read more

Crowdsourcing a Research Agenda at BBC Social Media summit… A Journalism roundup…

BBC Social Media Summit: Crowdsourcing a Research Agenda from MediaShift The BBC College of Journalism is staging a Social Media Summit (hashtag #BBCSMS) in London this week, which will bring together industry leaders, practitioners and academics from around the world, with a view to collaboratively mapping the future of social journalism.   AP Stylebook Adds … Read more