Eurosphere agenda: Macedonia roundup… “INFOGRAPHIC: The facts about asylum seekers in Europe…

INFOGRAPHIC: The facts about asylum seekers in Europe Although Germany and Sweden are not front-line countries exposed to immigration, they were among those receiving the largest number of asylum seekers in 2014. ‘Lipstick Protester’ Jasmina Golubovska:Macedonians Want to ‘Start from Scratch’  Global Voices Online by Danica Radisic The image of protester Jasmina Golubovska taken by Reuters … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “EU officials mull military action to stop migrants

Populism in Europe: a primer open Democracy News Analysis – by Cas Mudde EU President Herman van Rompuy has called populism “the greatest danger for Europe”. But what exactly is populism? And why are EU leaders feeling so threatened by it? EU officials mull military action to stop migrants  AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) Destroying boats used … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Juncker presents investment plan…Pope’s Haggard Europe…

  VIDEO: Pope claims Europe appears ‘elderly’ BBC News | Europe | World Edition Pope Francis warns that the world sees Europe as “somewhat elderly and haggard” during a speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Pope complains of ‘haggard’ Europe  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Pope Francis warns that Europe appears “somewhat elderly” and … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Russia is no longer the EU’s strategic partner… “women in right-wing extremist groups in Germany..

  Ukrainian soldiers battling Russian tanks at Lugansk: Army Ukrainian troops on Sept. 1 were battling a Russian tank contingent in the eastern city of Lugansk, Kiev said, accusing Moscow’s army units of moving into large cities in the region What further sanctions is the EU considering against Russia? Open Europe blog Given the recent escalation in … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “The Juncker Presidencie…”Merkel to mediate in Kiev…

  Handelsblatt: France is the new sick man of Europe  by Open Europe The Juncker Presidencies & EU budget stability Ideas on Europe by Ronny Patz I’m just doing some research on budgetary rules in the Eurozone, pre- and post-crisis, and stumbled over some interesting EU trivia: Reading the original Council Regulation (Regulation 1466/97) on the … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: EU summit: Leaked draft conclusions…NSA scandal reaches France….

EU summit: Leaked draft conclusions Herman Van Rompuy during a public appearance at the European Council building on Wednesday EU leaders are gearing up for their first summit in four months tomorrow ? the longest hiatus since the outbreak of the eurozone crisis three years ago. MAIN FOCUS: NSA scandal reaches France | 22/10/2013 The US’s NSA … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Far-right victories in Norway and France… “Europe threatened by power outages this winter

Europe threatened by power outages this winter   Renewable energy is blamed for jeopardising Europe’s energy security this winter, a new study has found. EurActiv France reports.   The French multinational company Cap Gemini warned in their European Observatory of Energy Markets that energy security in Europe was under threat and that the region could soon be exposed to massive … Read more

Turkish pilot abandons Beirut flight to protest abduction of colleagues, Probe launched… A FP roundup

Turkish pilot abandons Beirut flight to protest abduction of colleagues A THY pilot abandoned today an Istanbul-Beirut plane to protest the abduction of two Turkish pilots in Lebanon Probe launched into Turkish pilot who abandoned flight to protest abduction of colleagues in Lebanon A probe has been launched into a pilot who walked off an … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: “Candidates for President of the European Council…”EU poised to blacklist Hizbollah army

EU poised to blacklist Hizbollah army Hope that a formal request by UK, ahead of a foreign ministers? meeting in late June, will open way for sanctions of Hizbollah?s European activity Desegregating Roma and Croat schoolchildren: what has been done? Three years after the ECHR’s decision in Or?u? and Others v. Croatia found “separate but … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Standard & Poor’s threat over EU core countries; Merkel & Sarkozy “to discipline the EU”; news from euroblogging…

MAIN FOCUS: Standard & Poor’s threatens bailout fund | 07/12/2011 from euro|topics The US rating agency Standard & Poor’s threatened on Tuesday to downgrade the credit rating of the EFSF bailout fund. Fifteen euro countries are now also having to worry that they may lose their top credit standings. With its move Standard & Poor’s … Read more

Euro roundup: Niquab veil and mini-skirt; Wilders about to become Dutch coalition member…

“Two young French muslim women decided to protest the recent French ban against wearing veils that cover the face, by walking around Paris in Niquab veil and ….. mini-skirt. Creating quite a stir. French article and video here. English article here.” Found here. Greek taxing madness by Open Europe blog team Today’s gloomy revelations from … Read more

Euro roundup: Belgian EU Presidency begins

MAIN FOCUS: Divided Belgium takes over EU presidency | 01/07/2010

from euro|topics

Belgium takes over the EU Council Presidency for six months today, Thursday. But the country is deeply divided politically and has only a provisional government led by former Premier Yves Leterne, who was voted out of office in June. The press, however, is confident of the strength of the EU and believes the current Belgian regionalism is a model for Europe.

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Euro roundup: European Digital Agenda etc found in  Juan F. Leguizamon ******************* Improving EU economic governance: Impressive Herman Van Rompuy by Grahnlaw Winston Churchill is said to have quipped that the Labour leader Clement Attlee was a man who had much to be modest about. At (s)election time British tabloids, which pray at the shrine of John Bull, were … Read more

EU roundup: Van Rompuy insulted and more…

20 women who run the EU (blogosphere) by Julien Frisch In the German blogosphere, we have recently seen a controversial debate (started by annalist) about the question why only men were among the so-called “alpha bloggers” in a video series about important bloggers, a debate that has led to the inclusion of female bloggers in … Read more

“Keeping Turkey out of Europe

Egemen Bağış'a protesto

Egemen Bağış, the chief negotiator, talks at Bahçeşehir U today after a protest by a group of leftist anti-EU students…

A positive signal from Germany, a supportive article from the Guardian (Keeping Turkey out of Europe), but a negative sign in Van Rompuy ‘s debut and a group anti-EU college students makes a fuss in Istanbul.  A funny intervention by a Bulgarian minister against Turkey who is criticised in the end by his own government… A roundup.

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