Eurosphere agenda: “EU officials mull military action to stop migrants

Populism in Europe: a primer open Democracy News Analysis – by Cas Mudde EU President Herman van Rompuy has called populism “the greatest danger for Europe”. But what exactly is populism? And why are EU leaders feeling so threatened by it? EU officials mull military action to stop migrants  AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) Destroying boats used … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Rise of Syriza… Rise of Anti-Muslim sentiments…

People react to mosque attacks in Sweden joyously – Jan 2 – A Muslim community in Sweden that faced a series of Islamaphobic attacks recently has been taken aback after residents ‘love-bombed’ the local mosque in an outpouring of support. After anti-Muslim rhetoric was scrawled into an Uppsala mosque… One in 8 Germans would join … Read more