Eurosphere agenda: ” Juncker and Schulz both after presidency…

  MAIN FOCUS: Juncker and Schulz both after presidency | 27/05/2014 euro|topics After the European elections the wrangling over the post of Commission president has begun. With the conservative European People’s Party behind him, Jean-Claude Juncker has the support of the largest parliamentary group. But social democrat Martin Schulz is also laying claim to the post. … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: #EP2014 results… Anti-semitic attack in Belgium…

Fascists and ultra-rights @ #EP2014:25% France23% Denmark22% UK20% Austria15% Hungary13% Finland12% Greece8% Germany — Wolfgang Lünenbürger @luebue (@luebue) May 25, 2014   MAIN FOCUS: European elections: triumph of the Eurosceptics | 26/05/2014 euro|topics Despite a loss of votes the conservatives remain the strongest force in the EU Parliament, while right-wing populist and Eurosceptic parties made massive … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: West extends sanctions against Russia…

EU targets politicians, military chiefs in sanctions on Russia The European Union has released the names of 15 new targets of sanctions because of their roles in the Ukraine crisis MAIN FOCUS: West extends sanctions against Russia | 29/04/2014 euro|topics The EU and the US extended their sanctions against Russia on Monday, imposing further visa … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Far-right victories in Norway and France… “Europe threatened by power outages this winter

Europe threatened by power outages this winter   Renewable energy is blamed for jeopardising Europe’s energy security this winter, a new study has found. EurActiv France reports.   The French multinational company Cap Gemini warned in their European Observatory of Energy Markets that energy security in Europe was under threat and that the region could soon be exposed to massive … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: “Shift to the right in France ….

MAIN FOCUS: Shift to the right in France | 11/10/2013 The far-right Front National could emerge as France’s strongest party from the European elections in May 2014, according to the results of a poll published by the magazine Le Nouvel Observateur on Wednesday. The party is benefiting from the mainstream parties’ lack of ideas, commentators write, fearing that France’s shift … Read more