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Although Germany and Sweden are not front-line countries exposed to immigration, they were among those receiving the largest number of asylum seekers in 2014.

The image of protester Jasmina Golubovska taken by Reuters photographer Ognen Teofilovski quickly went viral on the Internet and remains one of the symbols of the on-going anti-government protests in Macedonia.

The image of protester Jasmina Golubovska taken by Reuters photographer Ognen Teofilovski quickly went viral on the Internet and remains one of the symbols of the on-going anti-government protests in Macedonia.

Tens of thousands rally for Macedonia PM as opposition digs in

Tens of thousands of supporters of embattled Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski took to the streets of the capital in a show of strength on May 18, a day after a huge opposition protest called on him to resign
The deep roots of Macedonia’s current turmoil – and the way forward

The country must avoid just replacing the driver in the seat of the captured state machinery, by increasing inclusion and pluralism in governance. This will be impossible without EU and NATO assistance.

Nikola Gruevski. Demotix/Toni Arsovski. All rights reserved.


More than half of the pregnant immigrant women seen by a medical charity in European clinics lack access to basic healthcare and permission to reside, Doctors of the World said on Monday (18 May).

Italy says Europe blind to migrants

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi accuses the rest of Europe of trying to ignore the migrant crisis, after several states rule out asylum quotas.
EU refugee quota plan is already crumbling

EU refugee quota plan is already crumbling

The European Commission’s plan to introduce EU-wide binding refugee quotas appears to be falling to pieces already after France and Spain voiced their criticism.

In reaction to the refugee tragedies, the EU foreign ministers on Monday agreed to launch a naval mission in the Mediterranean. Pending a corresponding UN mandate, the mission will begin destroying smugglers’ boats as of June. The operation is worth a try, some commentators believe. Others criticise that it will only fight the symptoms of the crisis rather than the causes.

The EU’s foreign ministers are planning a naval mission in the Mediterranean, while the European Commission has proposed a quota system for distributing refugees which has met with opposition from a number of member states. Europe must use force if necessary to stop the mass immigration of economic refugees, some commentators urge. Others describe this policy of shutting Europe’s doors to refugees as inhumane.

More than 300 slavery and migration scholars respond to those advocating for military force against migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean. This is no slave trade. Where is the moral justification for actions that cost lives?

VIDEO: Prince Charles meets Gerry Adams

Prince Charles has met Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams at a meeting at the University of Galway as part of a four-day visit.
From migrant to citizen: reimagining democracy in the European Union

Public intellectuals in the EU should help to reimagine the meaning of democracy by questioning the division between citizen and migrant.

Urban grassroots mobilization in central-east European cities

In expecting social movements in the post-socialist countries to follow the same repertoire of action as, for instance, in western Europe or North America, we risk missing out on important forms of collective action.

Cyprus leaders to revive peace talks

Cyprus peace talks are to resume on Friday, the UN announces after a meeting between the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot leaders.
Far-left Podemos has already changed Spain

The left-wing Podemos party can turn Spain into a model for other European nations where change is also needed.
Fascist legacies: Italy’s approach to mobility and mobile labour

Italy abolished Mussolini-era laws restricting internal mobility in the 1960s, yet troubling continuities exist between these regulations and current efforts to control Italy’s migrant population.

Europe’s migration crisis: central Europe’s dangerous game

Should a serious migration crisis erupt as a result of conflict escalation in Ukraine, the odds are that the V4 would need assistance through exactly the kind of EU solidarity mechanism they now oppose.

Cannes 2015: Ones to watch

Films to watch out for in Cannes festival
MpsLONDON — After securing a majority government in last week’s election, British prime minister David Cameron has named his new cabinet — the group of people who head up government departments and make key decisions about the country.

(note: this is a counterfactual – just in case you’re reading it after October 2015!)

Polish presidential election: the Left decides which Right wins.

Does it make sense for the Left to participate in a race between two conservatives? Should we leave home and vote for the harmless and bland Komorowski, or should we allow for a victory by the Law and Justice candidate, Duda?

Solidarity and work: what are the prospects for Greece?

Alain Supiot and Emilios Christodoulidis discuss the questions of solidarity and the protection of work in Greece. Français.

Nobody can tackle IUU fishing alone: Will opportunities for global leadership be grasped?

IUU fishing activity detected by Google Earth Images

IUU fishing activity detected by Google Earth Images

Those who doubted the potential of the European Union’s Council Regulation 1005/2008 (the IUU Regulation) to change the laissez faire culture that has been prevalent for too long in respect of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing activities inside and outside EU borders have had plenty of food for thought over the past four and a half years. In the time since the IUU Regulation came into force, the yellow card warning system, followed up on occasion by a trade-suspending red card, have seen a significant change in the administrative practices of a number of fish producing countries.  Most importantly, the IUU Regulation has placed IUU fishing high in the agendas of nations that had previously not been predisposed to delve into the issue.

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