Eurosphere roundup: “Candidates for President of the European Council…”EU poised to blacklist Hizbollah army

The legislative triangle of the European Union
The legislative triangle of the European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

EU poised to blacklist Hizbollah army

Hope that a formal request by UK, ahead of a foreign ministers? meeting in late June, will open way for sanctions of Hizbollah?s European activity

Desegregating Roma and Croat schoolchildren: what has been done?

Three years after the ECHR’s decision in Or?u? and Others v. Croatia found “separate but equal” education to be unconstitutional, the Roma Education Fund traveled to Me?imurje County in Croatia to see how the integration of Croat and Roma schoolchildren had progressed

Fighting Homophobia is fighting for Europe

Today AEGEE was invited by the Dutch Minister for Education, Culture and Science Jet Bussemaker for a conference that was part of a whole programme centered around IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia). We participated in the presentation of a thorough EU LGBT Survey conducted by the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) which shows the situation of different aspects of LGBT discrimination in the EU27+Cratia. A very worrying picture, showing that high percentages of EU citizens still live in fear, having to become invisible and pretend being a different person to avoid discrimination or violence.

EEA plus: a model for the future of the UK in Europe?

For all the noise about Europe in the UK, British sceptics (with some exceptions) aren’t necessarily great at thinking outside the box.



Greek neo-Nazis threaten to mobilize against mosque Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn has threatened.


Eurovision 2013: An American in London

It’s Sunday morning in London, where I’m living as of less than a week ago. I’ve got a hangover and kitchen cleanup duty, and on top of that, I’m out £10. An actual live baby fox entered our house last night. Last night was Eurovision. I’ve had my first Eurovision party as an embedded foreigner.



Candidates for President of the European Council

The European Council elects its President by a qualified majority for a term of two and a half years, renewable once. This means that Herman Van Rompuy, the current incumbent, cannot run again. This is also the only one of the top EU positions that has no role for the European Parliament in its appointment process, although if 2014 works as 2009 did, the President of the European Council position will be part of a package deal for the top three positions. This position is the only one chosen in addition to the Commission when it comes to nationality ? i .e. the country that gets President of the European Council also gets a Commissioner.

Candidates for High Rep for EU Foreign Policy

The High Rep is appointed by the European Council, acting by qualified majority. However as the person is also a Vice President of the European Commission, their nomination has to also be approved in the same way as the rest of the College of Commissioners. If 2014 works as 2009 did, the position of High Rep will probably be part of a package deal also involving the President of the European Commission, and President of the European Council.

UK immigration policy: more than an enforcement issue

The enforcement culture that frames Home Office immigration policy has manifested itself in a defensive and largely negative approach to policy. Meanwhile public anxiety about immigration in the UK remains high. Positive, customer-focused services need to be introduced into policy making, says Alice Sachrajda

Business leaders attack Eurosceptics

A number of prominent business leaders accuse those calling for Britain to leave the European Union of “putting politics before economics”.


Why politicians can?t be honest about the EU

Responding to Stuart Weir’s recent article, Damian Hockney says the EU’s supposed benefits are as illusory as the supposed damages the UK would suffer from leaving.


Why not shrink the European Commission?

The online edition of German weekly Der Spiegel reports on “secret” plans by EU heads of state and government to stick to the ‘one country, one EU Commissioner’ principle, despite the number of Commissioners being set to rise to 28 following Croatia’s entry in July.

EU bathing water 2012 data released

The latest data on EU bathing water quality is released, showing that 93% of more than 22,000 sampled locations meet the minimum standards.


Is Angela Merkel to blame for Germany’s terrible Eurovision showing?

Things seem to be going remarkably well for Germany recently. The country remains one of the few in the eurozone not to have slipped into recession, its two top soccer teams — Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund — are squaring off in the final of the Champions League, and it has succeeded in imposing steep demands for austerity as part of the many bailout deals it has financed.


The UK electorate is in the market for something more than the false choice of status quo or exit

When it comes to the question of whether the UK ought to stay in the EU there are two key considerations. Is continued membership the best solution from an economic perspective (trade, regulation etc) and also is it democratically sustainable? (Others will also cite ‘influence’ and geopolitical clout).

Hollande’s EU proposals in media

When president François Hollande decided to outline his next four years in office, I decided to look at his proposals for European reform in two stages. First I presented and commented on his introductory speech without referring to outside opinions.

The making of European leaders: who selects the president(s)?

Fellow euroblogger Jon Worth has spent some time gathering thoughts and evidence around the coming European Union leadership following the 2014 European Parliament elections, a start of discussions applauded by other bloggers.

Glass ceiling and rock bottom: women in 2013 Britain

Gender equality is on the rise amongst the British elite. But outside of this bubble, women are suffering disproportionately from austerity and its fall-out.

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