Euro roundup: Niquab veil and mini-skirt; Wilders about to become Dutch coalition member…

“Two young French muslim women decided to protest the recent French ban against wearing veils that cover the face, by walking around Paris in Niquab veil and ….. mini-skirt. Creating quite a stir. French article and video here. English article here.” Found here.

Greek taxing madness

by Open Europe blog team

Today’s gloomy revelations from Ireland were followed by rather disturbing news from the Greek parliament.

As part of a long-standing tradition to let tax evaders off the hook every three to four years, Greece?s parliament has rushed through a law which will allow the government to collect about ?2bn in taxes over two years. Only problem is that the outstanding amount of unpaid taxes in Greece is roughly ?35bn, which effectively means that its granting millions of citizens a tax amnesty.

Germany marks 20 years of unity

Germany marks 20 years as a reunified nation, with hundreds of thousands expected to attend festivities in the city of Bremen.

Dutch coalition with Wilders near

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Dutch Christian-Democrats endorse an agreement to form a governing coalition with the support of anti-Islamist populist Geert Wilders.

MAIN FOCUS: The long path to German unity | 01/10/2010

from euro|topics

Germany will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its reunification on Sunday. But many Germans are disappointed with the unification process and East Germans are still underrepresented among the country’s elites, the papers write.

Which Coalition is tougher on EU: NL or UK?

by Open Europe blog team

The Dutch Liberals and Christian Democrats yesterday presented their proposal for a coalition agreement, allowing the two parties to form a minority government (supported in parliament by Geert Wilders’ uber-populist PVV party).

Dutch consider burka ban as price for coalition

from – World, Europe
The Netherlands became the third European country to look at banning the full Islamic veil, or burka ? as the price for obtaining a far-right political party’s backing for a new minority government.

Dutch veil ban in coalition deal

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
A ban on wearing the full Islamic veil in the Netherlands will be proposed if a pact to form a minority coalition government goes ahead, leaders say.

German ‘wise men’ criticise EU’s timid diplomacy

Hans-Dietrich Genscher, a German political veteran who served as foreign minister throughout the 1970s and 80s, says Europe should assume its role on the global stage if it wants its future diplomatic service to work. He spoke to in an interview alongside Joschka Fischer, another ex-German foreign minister, and former Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel.

The Sarrazin Case: Demography and Immigration in Germany

from Atlantic Community RSS-Feed
Editorial Team: In view of a declining and aging population, German businesses will increasingly need to attract young talent and professionals from abroad, lest they risk Germany’s competitive position in world markets. Against this backdrop, the controversy that erupted over Thilo Sarrazin’s book carries far greater significance than might be apparent at first. How Germany deals with its immigrant population will determine not only its internal stability and economic prosperity, but also how well the country will be poised to deal with foreign policy challenges arising from parts of the Muslim world, be it Afghanistan or the question of Turkey’s EU accession.

EU to launch proceedings against France in Roma row

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The European Commission decided to launch proceedings against France for breaching EU freedom of movement rules in its controversial Roma crackdown, the EU’s top justice official said.


from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Give us your views of the protests across Europe

MAIN FOCUS: Europeans protest against austerity plans | 30/09/2010

from euro|topics

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets on Wednesday in several EU countries to protest against their governments’ austerity measures. The fear of unemployment and cuts in social welfare will increase the influence of Europe’s trade unions, commentators write.

Man in the News: Ed Miliband

from – Analysis
Britain’s new opposition leader has shown steel but tougher battles lie ahead

Sarkozy’s planned crackdown on illegal immigration is introduced as legislation

from Wash Post Europe by Edward Cody

PARIS – The French government introduced tough new immigration legislation Tuesday that would make it easier to expel illegal residents and strip recently naturalized citizens of their French passports.

Wilders set for role in Dutch coalition

from – World, Europe
Geert Wilders, the controversial anti-Islamic politician, has moved a step closer to becoming a silent partner in a centre-right coalition government in the Netherlands

New Dutch coalition seeks to downplay populists’ influence

Fearing an international backlash against the Netherlands for having a government that depends on the support of an outspoken anti-Islam party, the new Dutch minority coalition government is trying to downplay the influence of Geert Wilders’ right-wing populist party PVV.

Al-Qaeda terrorism plot uncovered

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Western intelligence agencies track a significant al-Qaeda plot to carry out commando-style raids on cities in the UK, France and Germany.

Van Rompuy?s European Council: EU institution or workshop?

by Grahnlaw

There is an interesting dichotomy between how president Herman Van Rompuy presents the European Council and how he tries to get this EU institution to meet the challenges facing Europe.

EU: From Monti report to Single Market Act

by Grahnlaw

In his ?State of the Union? speech, the president of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, outlined the Commission?s Work Programme for 2011.

With regard to the economy, including the internal market, Barroso set the tone during the introduction:

Ethnic rifts overshadow Bosnia election

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
As Bosnia prepares to go to the polls, the town of Foca is gaining a reputation for reconciliation and progressive politics, as Mark Lowen reports.

All For One And One For All ? ?We AreThe Eurozone?

from A Fistful Of Euros » A Fistful Of Euros by Edward Hugh

One of the worrying things about the handling of the current European crisis is how many of those responsible for taking the decisions seem to view the Eurozone in a way which is every bit as rigid, timeless and dogmatic as the thinking of those old school scholastics whom Galileo, in his time, found himself battling against. Rather than facilitating a dialogue, and a free and open discussion, the guardians of fortress euro seem to want to keep the doors slammed tight shut, just in case any strange and unwanted ideas should inadvertantly slip in without them noticing.

EU: ?European Semester? towards economic stability and growth?

by Grahnlaw

Yesterday?s blog post, EU: From Monti report to Single Market Act, observed that the European Commission is going to publish its work programme (CWP) for 2011 and a Single Market Act, both during this month of October.

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