Journalism agenda: NYT’s Slack bot; Investments to Buzzfeed…

The New York Times built a Slack bot to help decide which stories to post to social media  Nieman Journalism Lab by Shan Wang The New York Times publishes more than 300 stories each day. Which ones should editors feature on its many social media channels? While the humans behind the Times’ social media accounts have … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “EU Parliament takes Google to task… “Finland Becomes an Unlikely Battleground for Same-Sex Marriage Debate

MAIN FOCUS: EU Parliament takes Google to task | 28/11/2014 euro|topics The European Parliament voted on Thursday in a non-binding resolution to separate Internet companies’ search engine business from other commericial activities. This could lead to Google being split up. Some commentators praise the Parliament for countering Google’s abuse of its market dominance. Others call for … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Juncker presents investment plan…Pope’s Haggard Europe…

  VIDEO: Pope claims Europe appears ‘elderly’ BBC News | Europe | World Edition Pope Francis warns that the world sees Europe as “somewhat elderly and haggard” during a speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Pope complains of ‘haggard’ Europe  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Pope Francis warns that Europe appears “somewhat elderly” and … Read more

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