Eurosphere agenda: Conservatives win in UK, Not to sad for Labor whom once led by a war mongerer, Blair…

The David Cameron story

What factors got David Cameron to the top?
PM selects his first Tory cabinet

David Cameron is spending the weekend deciding the make-up of his first all-Conservative cabinet after his party won a majority for the first time since 1992.

What happened in the UK’s election by someone whose prediction was more right than wrong

On Thursday May 7, 2015 Britain went to the polls at what was universally – entirely wrongly – believed to be the closest General Election in two generations. The opinion polls were deadlocked, and had been for months in a choice that was by far the most stark since 1992. It wasn’t, contrary to what 99.99% of people assumed, a close election – but it was certainly a watershed.

Scottish nationalists’ success changes UK politics

New political landscape in UK politics
The politicians hardly mentioned Europe during the campaign, yet the most important consequence of Britain’s general election will be a referendum on EU membership. Prime Minister David Cameron plans to negotiate reforms to the EU and then hold an in-or-out referendum before the end of 2017. What does he have to do in order to win a referendum on keeping Britain in the club? What is he likely to ask for, in terms of reform? And what would be the impact of ‘Brexit’ on the rest of the EU?
UK General Election: Europe reacts (Part I)

British elections: two unions at stake

The Conservatives have won. Now Britain’s own union and its EU membership are under question

UK ‘political earthquake’ rocks EU

Europe ponders impact of Cameron win on EU
UK’s David Cameron re-elected as rivals resign

Conservative party sweeps to power as three election rivals quit following their disastrous turnout at the polls
People smugglers using Facebook to lure migrants into ‘Italy trips’

Using phrases more suited to tourist magazines and images of luxury yachts, smugglers based in Egypt and Turkey openly advertise services on social media

It reads like the website of a travel agency. “A trip to Italy next week in a big fast tourist yacht,” says the Facebook post beneath a picture of a luxury ocean liner. “Two floors, air-conditioned, prepared for tourists. Recommended for families.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 14.40.50At 1600 CET today, First Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans will do an online chat on Twitter and Facebook* – tag is #AskFrans. Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc will do the same on Monday 27th April at 1400 CET – tag there is #ITS2015chat.


Following my earlier blog entry about Twitter chats I was confronted by a familiar charge – ah, Frans Timmermans is a Facebook guy. He doesn’t like Twitter. That’s the problem. There are probably some pretty good reasons he likes Facebook, and not Twitter, and I will come to those at the end of the post.

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