Eurosphere agenda: German President says Germans ‘should welcome’ refugees

Germans ‘should welcome’ refugees

Germany’s President uses his Christmas message to urge Germans to welcome refugees amid growing support for an anti-Islam group.
Israel, Palestine and the European Union

Jerusalem Post Graphic

This month UCL student and blogger, Lewis Barber, wrote an article for the Jerusalem Post which was titled:

The costs of the European Commission’s €315 billion investment plan for 2015-2017 will far outweigh the benefits. The plan amounts to a massive shadow budget that will ultimately help governments circumvent agreed debt limits.

French jobless total at new record

The number of people seeking work in France has risen to a record high, official figures show.
Q&A: German journalist on surviving ISIL

Al Jazeera spoke to Jurgen Todenhofer who embedded with ISIL fighters – and lived to tell about it.

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