After a prolonged period of uncertainty, there are now clear rules and regulations in place. Germany is now ready to take 7,200 refugees a day via five fixed, official crossing points.

Cameron to Deliver Strongest Warning of U.K. Exit From EU

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister David Cameron will this week give his strongest warning yet that he might back Britain leaving the EU unless other European leaders agree to his demands for reform of the bloc.

Madrid rally condemns ‘sexist terrorism’

Tens of thousands of people march in the Spanish capital Madrid to demand more action to stop violence against women.

The unsung heroes of the refugee crisis

Rarely mentioned aid workers provide critical services that for a refugee could mean life or death.

Overcoming the European refugee crisis

With no sign of the refugee crisis slowing down, here are five key principles for action which are both more humane towards migrants, and more broadly supported by the European publics.

Refugees arriving on the island of Lesbos. Demotix/Michael Debets. All rights reserved.

Opinion polls predict tight race between ruling centre-left and conservative opposition, with divisions over refugees.

Why Britain needs migrants

Mind the gap 2

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