Eurosphere agenda: Herve Falciani, the whistleblower…Merkel and Obama discussing arms supplies for Ukraine…


Hero? Thief? Who is Herve Falciani?

Who is HSBC whistleblower Herve Falciani?
The representatives of over 190 countries met in Geneva on Sunday (8 February) to continue talks on a UN-level agreement to tackle climate change. This marathon of international negotiations will be wrapped up at the Paris Climate Conference in December. EurActiv France reports.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is due to meet US President Barack Obama today, Monday, to discuss a joint strategy on the war in Ukraine. Merkel has reaffirmed her opposition to the idea of supplying arms to Ukraine backed above all by the Republicans in the US. Only weapons from the West can stop Putin, some commentators argue. Others warn that hardliners are driving a wedge between Merkel and Obama.

Trapped: women fleeing violence in the UK

The raft of cuts affecting the women’s sector, and election promises made by Labour and the Conservatives not to increase public spending, represent the biggest threat to domestic violence services and to women’s lives.
UK plans for possible Greek euro exit

UK prime minister David Cameron plans for a possible Greek exit from the eurozone, the BBC’s economics editor Robert Peston learns.
Ban racists from social media – MPs

Social media users who spread racial hatred could be banned from Twitter and Facebook, MPs suggest in a report on anti-Semitism in the UK.
The left-wing Syriza party and the right-wing or even ultra-nationalist Independent Greeks party make strange bedfellows, writes Mose Apelblat.
As energy ministers of eight countries from South Eastern Europe meet in Sofia today (9 February) to discuss the countries’ needs and ambitions, a leaked paper has shed light on the European Commission’s plans to help the region overcome its various problems.
False dilemmas: a critical guide to the Greek debt crisis

Among the cacophony of commentary about the Greek debt, it is important to reflect on why the bailouts originated. The proof is in the pudding: all but approximately 11% of the bailout money has ended up in creditors’ pockets.
Greece’s migration policy: what’s next?

The election of Syriza brings hope to those who have been fighting for an ethical migration policy in one of Europe’s least immigrant-friendly states.


Ukrainian journalist faces 15 years in jail after calls to boycott the draft

ruslan kotsaba jpg via youtube crop.jpgA Ukrainian journalist has been arrested for publishing a video calling on his fellow citizens to boycott mobilisation. He is being charged with treason and espionage.


The British Empire may no longer be the biggest on Earth, but the world still thinks their accents are the sexiest

Screencap from a video by Ruslan Kotsaba on Youtube.Screencap from a video by Ruslan Kotsaba on Youtube.

Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotsaba called for boycotting the latest wave of military mobilization in Ukraine—and now faces treason charges. Is he really a traitor or was he simply exercising his right to free expression?

David Cameron, England’s NHS, and the tiger in the bathroom

As it becomes impossible to deny the devastation being wreaked on the National Health Service by 2012’s Health & Social Care Act, who is really pledging to fix it?

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