Journalism agenda: “London attacks changed the news: The value of the witness

The value of the witness: How the London attacks changed the news  Mashable! by Colin Daileda The night after the deadliest peace-time attack on London, the BBC led its 6 p.m. newscast with a shaky video of screaming commuters, an ambulance siren howling in the background Twitter’s new article preview cards could be a boost for publishers … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: RIP, Caspar Bowden… Hacking Team revelations… Reddit woes…

Hacking Team Shows the World How Not to Stockpile Exploits  Wired Top Stories by Kim Zetter Zero-day exploits are like gold to hackers. Keep them all in one place and you’re asking to get robbed. Caspar Bowden: NSA Hearing LIBE European Parliament, 24 September 2013  open Democracy News Analysis – by Caspar Bowden As a tribute to … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Greeks say No #Grefenderum

Greek voters reject bailout offer  BBC News | Europe | World Edition With almost all the votes from a crucial referendum counted, Greeks overwhelmingly reject bailout terms offered by international creditors. No in Greek referendum marks profound change for Europe no matter what happens next  Open Europe blog by Raoul Ruparel No in Greek referendum marks profound … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Greece closes banks amid debt crisis

Greece closes banks amid debt crisis  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Greek banks are to close and capital controls imposed, the prime minister says, amid fears of a default and possible exit from the eurozone. ECB ‘to maintain Greek funding limit’  BBC News | Europe | World Edition The European Central Bank says it will … Read more