Greek PM defends ‘harsh’ debt deal

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras vows to implement eurozone deal, but makes clear he does not believe in it
Greece’s Tsipras’s tough domestic test

After the marathon, Greek PM faces sprint to reform

Greece will need far bigger debt relief than eurozone partners have been prepared to envisage so far due to the devastation of its economy and banks in the last two weeks, a confidential study by the International Monetary Fund seen by Reuters shows.

Putin knows he can use Greece to drive a wedge between Brussels and individual EU member states, and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras should have known better when he makes plans for an extension of the Turkish Stream project across his country, write Sijbren de Jong and Willem Oosterveld.

A Greek rebellion

What we are confronting in the Greek crisis is moral corruption on a breathtaking scale. Español

June 29, 2015 Athens, Greece. Flickr. Some rights reserved

Background DiscontentA bare two  years ago, we witnessed an outbreak of global discontent. Mass protests took place in a host of different cities, including London, Madrid, New York, Istanbul, Cairo, Sofia, São Paulo and so on.  Back then, I suggested in an article in Open Democracy, that the simultaneity of these events might in part be an effect  of globalisation in the western neo-liberal version that has captivated a large proportion of the world.

German offensive, Greek resistance

Europe needs Tsipras to pass the agreement in Parliament, where there is a no majority without the bulk of Syriza votes.

German Finance minister Schauble speaking on 'Strong Euro - strong Europe', 2013.German Finance minister Schauble speaking on ‘Strong Euro – strong Europe’, 2013. Demotix/ Goncalo Silva. All rights reserved.The European Council agreement on Greece is an exercise in economic sadism and political coup d’état. But its economic and political consequences – for Athens and Berlin – are more complex than may at first appear.

France buoyed by Greek debt deal

French president buoyed by role in Greek debt deal
VIDEO: Greek bailout: What has been agreed?

The BBC’s Andy Verity looks at the details of the Greece bailout agreement reached by eurozone leaders.
VIDEO: Greek reforms – in 60 seconds

The terms of a third Greek bailout deal have been agreed, but Greece must achieve reforms in crucial areas to unlock the money.

If you’ve followed the crisis in Greece around its third bailout — well, first, congratulations on making it this far. It’s been a tortured few weeks


Resistance to the austerity plans is growing in Greece after the agreement with the Euro Group. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will presumably need votes from the opposition to push the agreement through parliament. The creditors are humiliating Greece and stipulating unreasonable demands, some commentators write. Others praise the agreement as a chance to get Greece back on the road to recovery.

During her press briefing Monday on morning (13 July), German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that trust in the Greek government has been restored.

Podemos’ dilemma and why leadership still matters

Running for office means engaging in an operation that is intrinsically reductive and hegemonic, whether we like it or not.

Mayor Ada Colau visits FaPaC festival just like another citizen.Mayor Ada Colau visits FaPaC festival just like another citizen. Demotix/Alejandro Ascanio. All rights reserved. In a recent article on openDemocracy, Barcelona-based activist and theatre director Simona Levi invited the Podemos leadership to adopt a non-hegemonic attitude toward the civic lists that won the recent municipal elections in Spain. Claiming that the affirmation of Barcelona en Comú, Ahora Madrid, and other civic lists is in continuity with the “transversal” spirit of the 15-M movement, Levi invited Secretary General Pablo Iglesias to refrain from using these successes to promote his party’s agenda.

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