Journalism agenda: “Majority of Journalists Wouldn’t Be Able to Function Without Social Media”

Report Finds Majority of Journalists Wouldn’t Be Able to Function Without Social Media  Social Media Today by Andrew Hutchinson Study: Journalists Increasingly Rely on Social for News  Social Media Today by Carianne King A recent survey by Oglivy PR revealed social media’s role in the increasingly dynamic landscape of modern media communications. Co-operatives: redefining local journalism?  open Democracy News Analysis – by Alon … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “the new far-right political group in the European Parliament…”Grexit talks…

Teen jailed for German student death  BBC News | Europe | World Edition An eighteen year-old man is given three years in youth custody over the death of a German student teacher who was hailed as national hero. Dissolve the eurozone, says new extreme right group Marine Le Pen has presented her new Polish and British … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: A quarter of French voters support Front National, the far-right party…

MAIN FOCUS: Merkel and Tsipras seek conciliation | 24/03/2015  euro|topics   Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and German Chancellor Angela Merkel adopted a conciliatory tone in Berlin on Monday, after politicians and media in both countries repeatedly attacked each other in recent weeks. Finally Tsipras has realised that he needs Merkel, some commentators write in delight. … Read more

In the mean time in Europe: #euromaidan protests in Ukraine…

  From a #euromaidan in Ukraine   How do we (and Ukrainians) make sense of what is happening in Ukraine? Is the hashtag #euromaidan of any help in understanding the choice being made between the EU and Russia, or yet another symbol of a general failure to understand anything? Truncheon-wielding police break up Ukraine pro-EU rally, injuring … Read more

Germany’s Greens divided over coalition with Merkel…Europe threatened by greater water risks: OECD report.. Eurosphere roundup

Germany’s Greens divided over coalition with Merkel Germany’s Greens divided over coalition with Merkel   Why a coaliion with Angela Merkel shouldn’t worry Germany’s left | Henning Meyer The chancellor’s tactics leave little to choose between the parties; a grand coalition is likely, and may help the SPD The main conclusion of the German TV … Read more