Such a shame. İlhan Sami Çomak in prison for 21 years 42-year-old man, standing trial for an anti-terror case since 1994.

Turkish court decides to continue detainment for imprisoned suspect of 21 years An Istanbul court has ruled for the continuation of a 21-year-long detainment of a 42-year-old man, who has been standing trial for an anti-terror case since 1994. Petition launched for journalist Baransu to be released immediately Today’s Zaman (blog) “When the Justice and Development … Read more

For the record, Turkish interior ministry to pay to French student for Gezi detainment…

Turkish interior ministry to pay 10,000 liras to French student for Gezi detainment: Court A French student who was deported after being detained by the police during Istanbul’s Gezi Park protests on June 11, 2013, has won 10,000 Turkish Liras in compensation for being unlawfully deprived of her freedom during her detention. Council of Europe advisory body … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: European Games open in a country where no European values can be found… “Eurozone formally discusses Greek default for first time…

Azerbaijan Pulls Out The Stops For The European Games — Without European … BuzzFeed News But, after all the years preparing and all the billions spent, Aliyev found himself sharing a VIP podium with the strongmen likes of Russia’s Vladimir Putin; Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan; and the presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan, who . … Read more