Eurosphere agenda: “How the Pirates in Germany have lost their way… “Milk quotas come to an end…

Is there any connection between the decline of the Pirate Party and the rise of the right-wing Alternative for Germany?


The EU will abolish the milk quota system today, Wednesday, thirty-one years after it was introduced. In future producers will be allowed to produce as much milk as they can and want to. Small dairy farmers won’t be able to keep up with the competition on the market, some commentators fear. Others believe the end of the quotas will have a positive impact.


Greece sent an updated list of reforms to lenders yesterday (1 April) to try to unlock financial aid and avoid a default. But eurozone officials said more work was needed before new funds could be released.

Podemos: Much more than just a marriage of minds

Since its foundation in 2014, Podemos has become the leading party in opinion polls across Spain. But accusations that it is treating the country as a gigantic piece of fieldwork and conjecture as to its rootedness in political theory are all wide of the mark, writes Manuel Arias Maldonado.

After his visit to Berlin, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras plans to present the Euro Group with an updated reform plan by Monday at the latest. Tsipras must convince Greeks that reforms are long overdue, some commentators write. Others fear that by giving in on the debt issue he will push voters into the arms of the far-right parties.



The percentage of women in parliaments has nearly doubled in the last 20 years. 22% of national parliamentarians worldwide are women, up from 11.3% in 1995.

PEGIDA: a post-Nazist uprising?

Recent anti-Muslim demonstrations in Germany have fused right-wing chauvinism with Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and populism.


Europol chief warns on encryption


A European police chief says encrypted online communications are the biggest problem faced by security agencies tackling terrorism.

The EU has shown three simultaneous faces to Greece: ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’, to use a cinematic metaphor, all of them with the same message but with a different delivery package

Logo of the movie, 1966.Logo of the movie, 1966. Wikicommons/MGM.Some rights reserved.Symbolism is an essential part of politics and it often matters more than reality. The key for political elites is to send the right message at the right time and that gains them support and popularity.


Requiem for EuroMaidan

As Ukraine turns into an oligarch republic, civil society has few chances left to make itself the true victor of EuroMaidan.

Is Finland’s Economy Suffering From Secular Stagnation?

After the Great Depression, secular stagnation turned out to be a figment of economists’ imaginations…… is still too soon to tell if this will also be the case after the Great Recession. However, the risks of secular stagnation are much greater in depressed Eurozone economies than in the US, due to less favourable demographics, lower productivity growth, the burden of fiscal consolidation, and the ECB’s strict focus on low inflation.”
Nick Crafts – Secular stagnation: US hypochondria, European disease? – In Secular Stagnation: Facts, Causes and Cures, Edited by Coen Teulings and Richard Baldwin

Finland’s economy has been attracting a lot of interest of late. And not for the right reasons, unfortunately.

Reinventing urban democracy in Barcelona

Barcelona’s citizens are setting aside the historical baggage of the nineteenth and twentieth century struggles of industrial workers movements, inventing a newly resonant language of rights and democracy.

Image of people's assembly in Barcelona



The last of the Papandreous?


During elections for change – and the first Greek Parliament for 92 years without a Papandreou in it – Adam Ramsay spoke with former scion of the Greek ruling class, George Papandreou.

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